Print Censor Enterprise: Real Breakthrough to Saving Money in Printer Usage

A New Effective Tool Designed to Make Enterprise Printers Management Easy and Fast


St-Petersburg, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2007 -- UsefulSoft today announces the release of Print Censor Enterprise 4.8, a powerful tool designed to record a printer's usage data and make the management of network printers as easy as possible. Print Censor Enterprise saves for you all useful printing information, including user and computer names, document title and size, time and date of printing, number of pages and copies, priority, paper size, color of printing (colored or black and white), whether it was a duplex printing or not and a print job cost. Nothing is left out and, any time you need it, all this useful information is at hand. But what makes Print Censor Enterprise a really state-of-the-art program and a natural choice for any system administrator is the fact that it doesn’t stop at mere analysis of printing data, it allows you to set printing quotas for individual users. So, every user whose printing limit gets exceeded will be momentarily notified of his status and all his printing activity will be blocked.

"When designing Print Censor Enterprise we constantly kept in mind its future users and their needs," says Alex Egorov, CEO at UsefulSoft. "We made all effort to create a really handy program, easy to use and highly customizable, in other words – a multi-purpose one. Now Print Censor Enterprise can help anyone starting with an ordinary user trying to keep track of his own printing activities and ending with system administrators whom it will help with a daunting task of keeping under control a large net of organization’s printers."

Print Censor Enterprise saves your money by eliminating non-work usage of your company’s printers. All you need is, first, to analyze the excessive data gathered for you by Print Censor Enterprise, and, second, use it to set individual quotas for every printer. A great advantage of Print Censor Enterprise is its flexibility, which allows you to increase quotas for particular users, for example, a secretary, or change them according to workload changes. With Print Censor Enterprise you can also save time as you have all your printers at hand in one window and you can monitor their activity so that in case of overload of one printer you can move some of its tasks to other printers.

Print Censor Enterprise can determine and store print jobs created under various operating systems: DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Linux and other Unix versions. The print jobs manager provided by Print Censor Enterprise allows you to execute all basic operations and print jobs directly from Print Censor Enterprise. Remote management of printers installed on other computers is also on the list of Print Censor Enterprise useful features.

Print Censor Enterprise is very simple and even a beginner can use it without any problems. The step-by-step setup provided by Print Censor Enterprise will help any user to easily install and run the program.