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September 28th is the day that Dearnature.com will be online

E-commerce portal designed by LogoBee is open for business


Montreal, Quebec -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2007 -- Dearnature.com will be online September 28th and ready to offer their services to people everywhere. The internet makes this possible as long as you have access to a computer with internet capability; so people living in distant countries can now enjoy the health products offered by this Montreal based natural products company. Just like other Montreal natives, the Weider brothers, Dearnature.com will bring their passion for nutrition and fitness to the world.

LogoBee, a multiple award winning graphic design firm with over seven years of experience, created this website for their fellow Montrealers. Their graphic designers made a website that is easy to navigate and has a clean look; they also created a logo design that expresses the strong relationship between Dearnature.com and nature itself.

This website will offer the public a large variety of top-quality health, nutrition and beauty products. The team at LogoBee also designed features for Dearnature.com such as RSS feeds to inform customers of new developments, a product review & ratings section and a health related newsletter. So, Dearnature.com will not only provide their customers with nutritious products, but also general information about living a healthy lifestyle.

No matter what country you live in the amount of knowledge people have regarding their health and fitness has been increasing in recent years. Celebrity figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Aniston have demonstrated the benefits that physical activity and proper nutrition can achieve. Maybe it is time to improve your health and visit www.dearnature.com.

Additional information about LogoBee:
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