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SmartHide 2.0.46 Has Been Released

SmartHide is simple hide IP software for daily usage


Salem, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2007 -- Arovax Company, a leading producer of shareware and freeware software for home users and office workers has released SmartHide 2.0.46 in September 19 2007. In a new version you can find a lot of things helpful for Internet surfers. SmartHide developers have thought almost all details to make your surfing times more pleasant in order to save your time and money.

Everything is simple with SmartHide and even a child can understand how to use it. Software creators have tried to implement as much useful things for anonymous surfing as possible in one software. In it you can find modern design of the main window and all tabs of the program, this is a symbol of software (Octopus) which is became an idol of SmartHide and it shows the way SmartHide works. (like Octopus changes its color, SmartHide hides your IP address in the Net) There has been added a special list of servers that updates automatically to make you anonymous permanently. This feature helps a user to surf the Internet without thinking of security and without need to change IP address manually. This list will be automatically updated and used for SmartHide.

Some guy, Peter Walkman, said the following: "With SmartHide I feel myself behind the wall. Previously I didn't need any protection because I didn't know that my privacy could be broken. SmartHide opened my eyes and I started to believe that some people use our information for their personal purposes. Someone can say I'm too paranoid but I hold the truth that the more we know about the world called "Internet", the more protected we will be in the future." I'm Joseph Boyd, Arovax Company CEO, and I fully agreed with Peter Walkman. I'm sure that a lot of people feel the same but unfortunately not all of them can use this information in a real life.

So, updated SmartHide 2.0.46 presents very easy, compact and highly effective surfing kit for the Internet. SmartHide 2.0.46 paid version owners will get additional feature - a notification about the expiration of an account. Therefore, you will never forget the time to update your account at SmartHide site.

Free version allows you to use four servers: three for USA and one for GB. All of them are very secure and anonymous. Use any of them to hide IP address and browse the Web space. In previous versions there were some problems with identifying a login name and a password. At the instance of customers we have added a special notification allowing to show the user that he has entered an invalid login name or a password. We always try to fulfill all wishes of our users. Also our designers and programmers have created SmartHide start up window when you start software in the first time. It looks pretty mild and I think it's better to see pleasant image before download.

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