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Lode Runner 2.0: Enhanced Version With Level Editor and 160 Levels


Cheboksary, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2007 -- Lode Runner 2.0 by ZX Games is a new version of the classic arcade. It has all those features of the original game to quench that nostalgia thirst for the golden years of ZX Spectrum era, plus the developers have taken one step forward to make the game experience most enjoyable and put the following in this version:

- Level Editor that lets users modify existing levels or construct new ones http://www.zxgames.com/en/lode-runner-level-editor.shtml
- 10 additional levels to the 150 of the original ones to dovetail the game with modern ideas
- Better graphics that does leave the original game spirit intact and does not turn the 1983 year stick figures into this age’s lollipop characters
- Usability add-ons: quick save and load, dig to the left/right keys etc
- Pretty much everything you need to enjoy the game’s retro feel

Lode Runner, originally released by Broderbund, turned out to be a very successful game-project that has been on the market for almost quarter of a century. One can count this amazing even in terms of real life, but in the fast-paced computer world it is even more impressive.

The game idea is simple (and you probably remember it): You control the stick figure to collect treasures, dig traps for enemies and move up the screen to get to the next level. Simplicity and the age of the game may let you feel that retro.

A shareware version of Lode Runner by ZX Games is free to download and play. You can try out the first five levels. You can pay $9.95 to get the full version. Discounts apply when purchasing several copies of one game or one copy of several games.


There are no nag screens in the shareware version. Also, the game needs no emulators to run.

Support team can be contacted 24/7 via email (support@zxgames.com).

About ZX Games: ZX Games (http://www.zxgames.com) is an ongoing project that aims at reincarnating the most popular games of ZX Spectrum epoch.