InterVations, Inc.

InterVations Releases MailCOPA V8.02, the Latest Update to the MailCOPA Multi User Email Program

InterVations, Inc announces the release of MailCOPA V8.02.


Sandwich, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2007 -- MailCOPA provides all the usual features you expect to find in email software targeted at the power email user including SPAM filtering, email filtering, collection from unlimited email accounts, multiple address books and importing existing mail from other popular email software and also offers a very important feature not provided by almost all other software; Multiuple user access.

MailCOPA can porovide access to its database from multiple machines in your network. Not only can all users in the network access their own mail, from any machine, at any time, they can also access other users mail, if your security permits, so a single mail account can be actively shared by several people. This is great for busy sales departments or support departments where may people in a team may all need access to the same email address. Because MailCOPA shares it's data actively there will be no chance of two users in your network accidentally responding to the same email.

The V8.02 release brings more features to this already feature rich product, including support for S/MIME messages, configurable email headers on viewers and printouts, improved editing and a unique message trace function which lists the servers the email has passed through on route to the users machine.

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