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Top-Line On-Line Agency Boasts New Affiliate Network


Kirkby Lonsdale, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2007 -- Shortly after their 1st birthday celebrations, Search Logic announces that, on the back of its success in SEO and Paid Search, the 1st of October will see the launch of a fully functional independent affiliate network, with over 70 campaigns already confirmed as signed up, including such names as Dennis Publishing (Maxim, Auto Express, Viz), World Land Trust, City Dating & Live Roulette. All are set to benefit from what Search Logic describes as ‘the lowest network fees on the web’.

Search Logic is confident that new affiliate advertisers and publishers alike will rapidly join the new network, as payouts will be higher to affiliates since Search Logic is only charging advertisers a 25% override – 15% less than the industry standard of 30%. Indeed, Search Logic promises that advertisers will further benefit with no sign-up fee (competitors can charge up to £5,000 for this) nor any additional management charge for the service.

By offering a market-leading pricing structure, together with promises of the best in ethical, friendly and efficient services, Search Logic intends to continue its expansion in the online marketing sector, setting its sights very firmly alongside current industry heavyweights – in fact, there are precious few media agencies able to offer top-level Search, Paid-Search AND a wholly owned, controlled and managed affiliate network, making Search Logic plc a true diverse, top-line online agency.

Also worthy of note is that, at launch, the Search Logic Affiliate Network will already have eclipsed several more established networks both in terms of numbers of signed-up advertisers and projected revenue growth.

Simon Cleaver, CEO of Search Logic plc, has clear intentions: ‘the launch of our affiliate network means that our clients can now concentrate their entire online marketing activities under one roof – knowing that their SEO, PPC and Affiliate Marketing campaigns are being developed and managed by the best in the business and without needing to juggle agency and network account managers. And, as the affiliate model is pure performance based marketing, we project that take-up will be impressive – if our pre-launch sign-up is anything to go by we are confident we’ll have doubled our Advertisers client list within the first two months… …And we’re not going to stop at pure convenience and risk-free marketing; our services are maintained to the highest standards. Clients can rest assured that white-hat SEO, PPC and ethical affiliate work can now be combined with ease to ensure their online ROI is maximised.’

With staff already being drawn from such industry heavyweights as Latitude, Affiliate Future , Clash Media the Afform Network to join the ranks of Search Logic plc, it looks to be only a matter of time before Search Logic joins the ranks of the industry’s top three or four most established agencies.

Interested parties can view Search Logic plc’s new affiliate programme at

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Search Logic plc is a forward thinking online marketing agency with national coverage, specialising in Semantic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid-Search (PPC) and Affiliate Marketing. Search Logic plc boasts a diverse client base across multiple industry sectors and full Google and SEO Certification – more details are available at

Search Engine Terminology and Technology can often be confusing. Here at Search Logic plc we aim to increase our client’s knowledge of the services which we deliver and the methodology and reasoning behind each service. Please find below a simple overview to the types of Search Engine Marketing being implemented presently by companies looking to increase their online visibility and Return on Investment.

1) Natural or Organic Listings. This is the part of a search engine results page that details the natural listing results from a keyword query. The listings are displayed in accordance to their relevancy to the keyword or phrase and the web page. Search Engines apply a ranking algorithm to determine which site is placed where.

The methodology for achieving a higher natural listing is called search engine optimisation (SEO). This technique involves deciding which phrases to optimize, and which on-page and off-page factors to implement. On-page factors involve making changes to the actual website itself, and off-page factors involve activities such as submission to directories, creation of links, article copywriting etc.

The process is time consuming and it is necessary to be aware of the impact any changes may have as they can be regarded as both positive and negative by search engines. Certain techniques can get websites blacklisted by search engines which means that your website is effectively banned from being displayed under any search term. Therefore, it is extremely important to know what techniques to implement to gain a higher natural listing on search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation should be viewed as a long term solution to Online Marketing as it takes on average 6 to 18 months to see being listed naturally is that it becomes a cost effective way of attracting higher volumes of traffic to your website.

2) Paid or Sponsored listings. This is the part of a search engine results page that details a relevant advert that is displayed in accordance to its relevancy to the keyword or phrase used as a search term and the landing page which a browser is taken to when clicking onto the advertisement.

With paid or sponsored listing, there is a fee charged for every browser that clicks through to the landing page. This fee is dependant on the bid price allocated to the keyword or phrase, and in turn this determines largely where the advert appears on a search results page.

The methodology for getting an advert displayed within this section is called Pay per Click (PPC) and this technique involves the creation of a keyword list, adverts, landing pages and overall campaign themes that are designed to maximise return on investment from the allocated click spend budget. The process is complex and time consuming with various pit falls that need to be avoided, for example wasting click spend through not including negative keywords to your keyword list, and not recognising the need to maintain relevancy within the advert and landing page to the search term used.

The advantage of PPC is that you can see instant results and can turn up the volume once you have found a strategic approach that is providing measurable results within a single campaign or multiple campaigns. The budget allocated to campaigns can be altered on a daily basis so that you can completely control your online marketing spend. In addition, the ability to test market keywords, adverts and landing pages allows a flexible and reactive solution to online marketing that SEO simply does not deliver.

3) Affiliate Marketing. The Search Logic Affiliate Network is owned and operated by Search Logic and allows Advertisers and Publishers to benefit from pure performance online marketing. With no risk and pay-outs only to those who complete the requisite action (a purchase, conversion or lead generated for example) Affiliate Marketing is rapidly becoming an extremely popular method of increasing sales. Put simply your ads are displayed free of charge on a range of carefully selected Publishers’ sites – they can promote a specific product or service or questionnaire for lead generation purposes.

Once a qualified purchase is made, the details are recorded and the Affiliate Publisher is rewarded with a payment for the business their marketing efforts have brought you. This can range from a few pence to several hundred pounds dependent on factors such as margin, competition and purchase price.

Affiliate Marketing can bring valuable business to your online efforts. Get in touch with Search Logic at for further details or call 0845 634 2800.