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Spirit, and Strategy: the Real Secret to Sucess in Business


Rocklin, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2007 -- Far too many conscious entrepreneurs are operating their businesses on intuition with little regard for strategy. On October 4, 2007, a business strategist and branding maven, Liz Pabon will introduce a business model for the conscious small business owner merging spirit, smarts and strategy.

“The Law of Attraction has never received as much publicity as it did during the release of The Secret. Unfortunately, many small business owners that were looking for a way to couple their spiritual ideals with their business were under the misguided impression that all they needed to do was think positively and poof…success,” say’s Liz Pabon founder of Liz P. Communications.

Creating a business that bridges purpose, passion with profit is 100% achievable but it takes much more than positive thinking and visualization. It takes carefully crafted strategy. “After watching the market shake out, as a result of The Secret, I’ve met many disillusioned small business owners that were expecting to wake up and find money in their bank account. They now recognize the need for action but don’t quite know what action to take. Women in particular are uncertain how to balance universal principles with tangible results based business strategies. That’s what led me to create the Soulful Business™ Success Circle,” Pabon stated.

Developed for women with a burning desire to honor their individual purpose and express it through their business, the Soulful Business™ Success Circle promises to provide female entrepreneurs with real world, revenue producing business building strategies that are fueled by their purpose.

The foundation for the program is anchored by 5 core Soulful Business™ success principles:

1. Identify Your Inner Code of Conduct
2. Gain Clarity on Your Objectives
3. Apply the timeless 3 Treasures in Your Business
4. Get into the Gap
5. Benefit from the Power of Leverage

Launching on October 4, 2007 at 2:00pm (PDT), 5:00pm (EDT), the Soulful Business™ Success Circle is an interactive virtual coaching program introducing participants to one new learning module each month coupled with myriad of support and accountability tools to generate momentum and create results.

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About: Liz P. Communications is a coaching and consulting firm in Rocklin, CA dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs to connect with their purpose and design profitable businesses that is fueled by spirit, smarts and strategy. For more information contact Liz Pabon at 1-800-631-1367 or visit her online at