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Adjustable Basketball Goal Height Important for Long Term Adoption of Sport and Safety


Noblesville, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2007 -- With over 44 million people claiming basketball as a hobby, one Indianapolis-based company is quick to point out a simple basketball hoop feature that can lead to even more long-term adoption of the sport: adjustable basketball goal height. This feature, claims Indianapolis-based, is key to promoting enjoyment in younger players while minimizing exposure to injury.

“All Goalrilla Goals come standard with a removable crank that easily adjusts the basketball goal height,” said Brad Riley, owner of “The basketball hoop height is adjustable from seven-and-a-half to the regulation ten feet—which meets the safety standard set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for safe play, minimizing the risk of head and dental injuries.”

Another key consideration is simply common sense, Riley added, pointing out that younger players may be challenged and discouraged by a regulation basketball goal height. “This gives younger players the opportunity for play that’s proportionate to their height. As they get older, the goal height can be adjusted upward accordingly.”

The crank, located within easy reach behind the basketball pole, seats into the goal height control gear, and is easy to use. Plus, the goal height crank is removable, so parents or players can control the basketball goal height on demand. Riley claims adjustable hoop height allows a basketball goal to grow as a family grows, promotes fair play, and helps to encourage earlier adoption of the sport.

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