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Minsk, Belarus -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2007 -- In September SoftJournal.ru as usual provided its readers with interesting articles and new projects devoted to IT related themes.

Of course, a striking event became a new educational project "Check Your SEO Knowledge" (http://www.softjournal.ru/prover-svoi-znaniya-v-seo-check-your-seo-knowledge.html) by SoftJournal.ru - the series of tests dedicated to SEO. Participation in the project will be especially useful for SEO-beginners. By sending the correct answers to the test questions you can get an invitation to the internship at Itransition Software company, which will help you to gain knowledge and experience in the SEO sphere.

“Search Engines provide the maximum of relevant visitors to the owners of the Internet portals that gives more importance to SEO and Internet-promotion activities for the business, and requires high level of professionalism of SEM-specialists”, - says Yulia Miheeva, author of the project.

September release attracts attention to the 3rd annual contest IT Marketing Challenge. September, 15 participants registration was over. The next contest stage was a series of interviews. Participants were invited to introduce their task solutions and to answer additional questions asked by the jury. The article "IT Marketing Challenge. Competition starts!" (http://www.softjournal.ru/it-marketing-challenge-sostyazanie-nachalos-it-marketing-challenge-competition-starts.html) informs about the interview itself and about what will be the next stage of the contest.

The article "Software Testing Automation" (http://www.softjournal.ru/avtomatizatsiya-testirovaniya-po-software-testing-automation.html) helps understand the difference between the automated testing and the manual testing, when they should be used, and when - be combined. The most popular software products for testing automation are specified too. In the article "SoftJournal.ru Accepts Articles for Publishing" (http://www.softjournal.ru/softjournalru-prinimaet-stati-dlya-publikatsii-softjournalru-accepts-articles-for-publishing.html) SoftJournal.ru offers you to declare yourself as a specialist in IT sphere, to share experience and to tell about your discoveries and observations.

In the Internship of Internet Marketing Specialists rubric (http://www.softjournal.ru/category/stazhirovka-probation.html) we continue to publish tasks and their best solutions. Tasks devoted to link evaluation and link exchange have been appeared. The rubric Solutions will be interesting to people who work in IT sphere and Modern CRM-solutions. You will learn about the Largest IT-event of the year - 18-th annual international exhibition Softool 2007 - from this rubric too.

About SoftJournal.ru
SoftJournal.ru (http://www.softjournal.ru)is an online magazine created for practicing designers, business-analysts, programmers, software quality control specialists and IT companies’ managers and directors. Article of magazine are devoted most to vital topics IT of branch. One of the co-founders of the online magazine SoftJournal.ru it is company A1QA.Company’s team keep a category of journal:" Software Testing ". The magazine leaves in two languages. The subscription to magazine is free-of-charge.

About A1QA
The company A1QA (http://www.a1qa.com) offers a wide range of software quality assurance services, including manual and automated testing. A1QA is the only company in Eastern Europe that specializes exclusively in software testing services. The major clients of the company are foreign and Russian enterprises that deal with software development and have a need for independent quality assurance.