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Digital Flow Software Announces Release of Advanced DHTML Popup 2.4: Create Elegant Popup Windows With Easy-to-Use Application

Fully updated, powerful Advanced DHTML Popup 2.4 boasts both enhanced functionality and an upgraded user interface. The program is available in both professional and lite versions.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2007 -- Digital Flow Software has just updated their popular pop-up creation software, releasing Advanced DHTML Popup 2.4 ( Create customized pop up windows unblockable with standard pop-up blocking software. Available as both a full, powerful professional suite and a lite version, DHTML Popup 2.4 simplifies creation of pop up windows for beginners while possessing a full set of features that appeal to power users.

DHTML popup windows are the ideal format for dynamic advertising windows; create hover ads that appear when users mouseover a link. Popup windows are a proven way to maximize web site conversion rates and increase sales and web site performance. But users can also create popup windows for information windows and for contact management of text and images. Digital Flow's sophisticated software makes it easy to create multiple popup windows, ideal for simultaneous or sequential user help notices. Windows created with Advanced DHTML Popup are visible through all major browsers on all major operating systems.

Advanced DHTML Popup 2.4 is for more than just popup windows. Dynamic layering at the vanguard of a new generation of Internet technology. Visit to see the range of user-created applications along with a range of testimonials from users thrilled with the program's versatility and powerful functionality.

These features are new in Advanced DHTML Popup 2.4:

- support for relative positioning, ensuring windows remain in the same fixed location, even as users resize browser windows
- enhanced ability to create multiple popup windows
- allows users to insert Javascript directly inside popup windows
- a brand new method for combining multiple input methods inside the same popup window

As always, the software allows users to control popup behavior through a set of functions available on the runtime of the page. It supports transparent images and video, including through alpha transparency, and is compatible with server-side scripting tools like PHP/ASP, allowing web designers to dynamically update popup window content. Advanced DHTML Popup 2.4 contains multiple templates and offers full user support. The software is currently used successfully by thousands of satisfied users worldwide.

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