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How to Protect High-Traffic Flooring and Prevent Permanent Stains

How to Protect High-Traffic Flooring and Prevent Permanent Stains


Chino Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2007 -- Stains on the floor are a major source of embarrassment for many homeowners. And there is good news for such homeowners who cringe at the sight of their ugly floors. From now on, they do not have to put up with the ugly, horrendous stains and patches on their floor beneath the refrigerator, in the breezeways, laundry rooms, pet corners, and other high-traffic flooring areas.

The perfect solution for permanent stain prevention has been found – finally. And it goes by the name of Abzorb Oil Mat.

The Abzorb Oil Mat can easily get rid of the grime, oil and other messy stains that show on floors. And all one needs to do is place the Abzorb Oil Mat on the floor at spots where these stains are likely to occur, for example, under the refrigerator, under the clothes washer, in pet areas, under the beds, inside the kitchen near the cooking range , etc.

Abzorb Oil Mat has superb ultra-absorbent properties. For example, a 3 feet by 5 feet Abzorb Oil Mat can easily soak up to one gallon of spills, leaks, oil and other fluids that have seeped on to the floor. It comes with a three-year guarantee and is very rugged – it does not tear, crack or leak. Rather, it just continues to lie where it has been placed without folding over. The Abzorb Oil Mat is easy to use and economical too. Moreover, it is gray in color and that helps conceals the stains that collect on it.

An Abzorb Oil Mat is backed by many superb customer reviews and is known to work well even in states that have very rough weather conditions, such as Texas. However, it is not easily available in hardware stores. Many customers have scouted a score of hardware stores without any luck. Fortunately, the product is available easily on home improvement websites on the Internet. Customers love the Abzorb Oil Mat because it is thin, flat and absorbs stains easily.

Durable Abzorb Oil Mats are made using high-grade polypropylene – a technologically advanced material having flame-resistant properties. This is the same material as that used in cleaning up of oil spills on the ocean! The Abzorb Oil Mat has more than 24 household and commercial/office applications – for example, use as trunk liner, as workbench cover, as pet food dish mat, for keeping the BBQ areas squeaky clean, and for protecting the floor from unsightly stains made by lawn equipment.

To help with all types of projects, Abzorb Oil Mats come in a range of sizes – 3´× 3´, 3´× 5´ and 3´× 8´ – at very affordable rates.