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Breastfeeding Moms Can Easily Calm Their Fussy Babies by Changing Their Diets

What breastfeeding mothers eat can irritate their baby's digestive system and result in fussiness and crying. By changing her diet on a short term basis, new mothers can easily calm their fussy babies.


Calgary, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2007 -- A fussy baby can cause great anxiety for a new mother. She knows that her baby is upset and uncomfortable, but is unable to calm her baby. If her baby continues to cry on a long-term basis, she begins to rationalize that she is the problem. Her self-esteem decreases and she begins to doubt her ability to parent. What many new mothers do not realize is that her fussy baby may be reacting quite negatively to something that she is eating. By simply changing her diet on a short-term basis, a new mother can calm her fussy baby dramatically.

Small particles of everything that a breastfeeding mother eats and drinks ends up in her breastmilk. Because the lining of a newborn’s gut is quite porous for the first four months of life, a baby can have difficulties digesting certain foods. There are approximately 10 different foods that consistently cause a baby discomfort and if the breastfeeding mother can eliminate them from her diet, her baby usually stops fussing and crying within a week.

Learning to parent a newborn can be difficult for some mothers. Parenting skills are fragile at first and new mothers can become overwhelmed with caring for a newborn. If the breastfeeding process becomes easier, the mother gains confidence because she alone is providing nourishment for her baby and her baby is happy. If the breastfeeding process is difficult, she can be more inclined to discontinue breastfeeding. Almost all studies on breastfeeding show that there is great benefit for both mother and baby the longer that they breastfeed. The goal of the Calm Baby Cookbook is to empower new mothers to breastfeed their babies with confidence and to enhance the family bonding and attachment process.

The bonding and attachment process between a fussy baby and his/her parents becomes challenging, as it is difficult to enjoy each other’s company when the baby is constantly crying. Calm babies bond more easily with their families and family life with a first baby becomes much easier to manage. There is simply less frustration and angst for both parents when the baby is calm. One mother who followed the Calm Baby diet remarked, “I feel that Ava is finally able to see me. Her crying has decreased and we are able to play together for the first time.”

The Calm Baby Cookbook includes information on:

•How calm babies bond more easily with their families
•The reason for the baby’s discomfort
•The foods that most commonly cause a baby discomfort
•Tips to convert favorite recipes into breastfeeding–friendly ones
•What to do when you are ready to introduce these foods back into your diet
•What to do if the baby is still fussy
•Tips to help make breastfeeding easier
•Simple ways to calm a fussy baby
•85 delicious recipes to get started

The Calm Baby Cookbook was created entirely by Canadians and printed in Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Melanie Beingessner is a chiropractor, a breastfeeding counselor, a certified infant massage instructor and the mother of three fabulous children. She is the co-founder of Becoming Parents – a prenatal program that teaches about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation of pregnancy and birth and how to facilitate an easier transition of becoming a family. Dr. Beingessner is currently co-writing a book based on the Becoming Parents prenatal program.

Book Reviews:

Thoroughly “user friendly,” The Calm Baby Cookbook will prove a simple godsend for parents driven to distraction by a cranky, screaming, crying, distressed newborn during those critically important first few months of life – The Midwest Book Review


I first met Melanie when she gave a presentation to our doula organization and I was thoroughly impressed with Melanie's knowledge. I was very excited to hear that she had written a book on foods that calm baby during the breastfeeding period. This book is user friendly and informative. I find it very well written and easy to navigate. I now give it as a gift to each of my new moms as a valuable aid for them. I would highly recommend that every new mom have a copy of this treasure.

Jennifer McGuire CD DONA
Hip Mamas Doulas Services

The Calm Baby Cookbook offers one the best explanations of foods breastfeeding mothers can eat to avoid having their babies be fussy with intestinal discomfort. I am glad to finally have nutritious foods and recipes that I can provide to parents with confidence. It is an inexpensive book so everyone can afford to purchase this fantastic cookbook. Mothers have told me they like it because it has foods that are usually in their homes already (or are easily obtainable) and recipes that are easy to follow.

Debra MacFarlane PCD
Three Wise Women Doula Services

My beautiful Sydney was cranky and screamed for the first six months of her life. I had been counseled to eat a lot of yogurt to get enough calcium while I was breastfeeding, which I now know caused all of Sydney’s distress. When Owen came along, I followed the diet in the Calm Baby Cookbook. He slept well and was quite a happy baby."

Tiffany B.

As a first time Mom I was pulling my hair out as to why my newborn son Garrison was crying so much. Once I changed my diet it was like I had a new baby. Thanks Dr. Melanie, you've made a world of difference for the whole family!!!."

Kim W.

After I was referred to Dr. Melanie, she helped me with my breastfeeding technique and through the process of elimination, we ensured that there were no foods in my diet that were upsetting baby Ava’s tummy. Within a few weeks Ava was crying less and we were able to play and cuddle together more.

Alexa L.