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Improved Method for Safety Line Marking Installation Reduces Wicking Under Tape

Florock's Florowear 7000 High Wear Urethane delivers faster cure time and durability, thus resists unnecessary bleeding under tape.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2007 -- When safety line marking is desired, some important factors are appearance, speed of cure and durability. Aside from being too slow to cure or wearing prematurely, conventional safety line marking products wick or bleed under the tape, causing fuzzy lines.

Florock Florowear 7000 High Wear Urethane has become very popular for safety line marking because it is so fast to cure, has terrific durability and will not creep under the tape. The Florock Florowear 7000 is pigmentable to any color with Florock colorants.

For technical data on Florock’s Florowear 7000 see or call 1-800-FLOROCK

Lee Davis of Liquid Floor Systems Inc. said “Florock Florowear System 7000 has excellent durability, is very fast to cure and resists creeping under the tape”. Sharon Payne, Florock Sales manager said “This product was originally put out in large kits as a floor coating, but since it has become so popular for line marking we now stock it in mini-kits so the customer can make small mixes”.

To see the Florowear 7000 being applied, see “Florowear Line Marking” on U-Tube at

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