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Evolution from Dr.WEB


Moscow, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2007 -- Doctor Web, Ltd., a Russian developer of IT-security solutions under the brand-name of Dr.Web, announces the release of a new version of Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows — 4.44.

Dr.Web Anti-virus — CURES computers from viruses
The quality of the program’s operation and not just its presence in the computer has always been the characteristic feature of Dr.Web Anti-virus. Not only the ability of the anti-virus to detect viruses, but also to cure computers from viruses, is extremely important for modern av-programs, the ability not only to delete the infected files from computers, but also to restore them. Dr.Web is one of the few anti-virus programs that efficiently cure computers from viruses.

Dr.Web Shield™ - counteraction to rootkits
The so-called rootkits which actively protect themselves from detection by anti-virus programs become the main trend in the development of viral codes. Developers of new Dr.Web version have designed a special component for Dr.Web GUI scanner to counteract rootkits - Dr.Web Shield™.

Origins Tracing™ - new non-signature detection technique of unknown viruses
Dr.Web developers have invented a unique algorithm of non-signature detection of malicious objects which supplements traditional signature-based search and Dr.Web heuristic analyzer, making the detection even more efficient. The names of ill-intended objects detected with the help of this new technology have the “.Origin” extension.

Efficient scanning speed
The scanning speed of the anti-virus is often the main reason for a user to choose one or another anti-virus program. But high scanning speed can be achieved by different ways. Sometimes, to increase the speed of the scanner av-vendors exclude from the scanning such important object as archives, mail bases, etc. Some often disable the heuristic analyzer, which also decreases the detection level of unknown threats. In the result, higher than with the competitor programs scanning speed is achieved on the account of the decrease of the protection level.

It is most important to combine high scanning speed with the efficient detection level. And this task is fulfilled by Dr.Web developers in new version in which scan speed is increased by 30%.

For all registered users upgrade to version 4.44 is free of charge.