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World Trade Centers 3G LLC, Signs Worldwide WTC 3G Exclusive Agreement with FranTech to Finance, Market Licenses of WTC 3G Complexes in 220 Countries


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2007 -- World Trade Center 3G signed an exclusive agreement with Global FranTech, FranTech USA and FranTech Asia licensing, (FranTech), of Ventura, California, and FranTech Asia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India which grants FranTech the exclusive rights to market WTC's 3G LLC Complexes "World Trade Centers 3G" for growing effort to offer "one stop shop" among varied trade assistance services offered Governments in 220 countries.

An international foreign trade complex and services licenses called "WTC 3G Global Cash Management" and "GlobalClear" platform through FranTech's network of 600 agents in 220 countries to Governments Central Banks and Private Banks around the world.

The company explained at a recent meeting in Las Vegas that the WTC 3G LLC. will provide WTC 3G licensing access to politically and economically stable jurisdictions through correspondent import/export trade banking relationships with licensed WTC 3G Complexes with Import/Export banks worldwide services are uniquely suited to meet the WTC 3G 21st century regulation of "WTC 3G Global Cash Management Banking" and with the "GlobalClear" platform of most trade countries WTC 3G Import/Export banks.

The WTC 3G "GlobalClear" online global e-commerce banking system allows for quick Import/Export and secure insured depository settlements accounts, gold settlements, counter-trade settlements online worldwide in trust for their WTC 3G members depositors and customer e-banking needs, in a simple, safe, easy to use and understanding Foreign Capital Depository called "WTC 3G GLOBAL CENTRAL DEPOSITORY" format to be licensed. World's first WTC 3G exclusive complex for Import/Export bank in the United States of America and 220 countries.

WTC 3G received its FranTech Signed agreement on July 3rd, 2007 upon meeting all requirements set in the WTC 3G globalization is the future of Correspondent Relationships with banks of the world on its new "WTC 3G GLOBAL CENTRAL DEPOSITORY" platform to set new international Import/Export standards in the WTC 3G 21st century regulations of online banking.

WTC 3G's GlobalClear financial services, such as e-trade, e-trust and e-corporate management, online letters of credit, which have specific tax advantages for many individuals worldwide under "WTC's 3G Global Cash Management" & 'GlobalClear' platform.

Fred Frankel, Chairman of WTC 3G LLC., said, "We chose FranTech because of their tremendous geographic reach and proven track record in establishing licensing agreements worldwide. With more than 35 years of experience, FranTech knows international trade with online banking regulations and tax competition banking, trade policy, insurance law, marketing, bank franchising, investment banking, and technology research. Its broad expertise, coupled with access to key Governmental decision makers, provides services uniquely valuable to WTC 3G LLC overseas.


The company explained that FranTech's mission is to foster the development of the WTC 3G global economy by providing a global perspective to worldwide bankers, importer, exporters, commerce developers, marketers, manufacturers and innovators on newly emerging and preemptive banking technologies for WTC 3G. It offers world-class solutions for the licensing and transfers of USA and Worldwide innovations to emerging economies through WTC 3G LLC.

Philip Nadeau, CEO of FranTech, said, "We see a tremendous market worldwide for Importer, Exporters, Investors for World Trade Centers 3G licensing of Foreign WTC 3G Complexes and services and already have interest from several countries. WTC 3G LLC is working with FranTech to establish a truly global Trade Commerce and Import/Export banking footprint in 220 countries licensing "WTC 3G GLOBAL CENTRAL DEPOSITORY". We plan on developing WTC's 3G LLC. brand name recognition and positioning of WTC 3G LLC with many Governmental IMPORT/EXPORT agencies where we already have relationships in place."

The World Trade Center 3G LLC. service complex consists of an import/export service with secure banking and online "Letters of Credit" settlement system called "WTC 3G Global Cash Management" and "GlobalClear" platform with 24 hour markets that Foreign Capital Depositors can access accounts in 220 countries. WTC 3G's LLC. provides Import/Export banking management to institutions and high net worth foreign depositors individuals anonymous bank accounts with higher rate loans based on their investment opportunities available worldwide.

All WTC 3G's "GlobalClear" platform transactions are insured, monitored, secure and kept completely private and confidential. WTC 3G Global Central Depositors soon will be able to do online e-banking regardless of the country of origin on a 24 by 7 or at least 24 by 5 basis. WTC 3G's licensee's GAA,AG will have the ultimate objective to become the preferred global liquidity fund provider for all bankers around the world through "GlobalClear" platform.

The focus of World Trade Centers is to give worldwide banks "WTC 3G Global Cash Management" and "Global Clear" exposure to WTC 3G Global Central Depository Depositors and investment capital from all over the world (in 220 countries) and not just in the country of their primary banking, while providing Foreign Depositors with an 18- 24 hour "WTC 3G Global E-Banking" day online versus the 6 ½-7 hours provided for Foreign Depositors on most world banking platforms. WTC 3G LLC provides qualifying WTC 3G Global Banks with numbered accounts with a second GAA,AG. account in their new online bank with online "Letters of Credit". Account holders or assets with WTC 3G LLC., becoming one of the largest worldwide trade accounts of import/export in 220 countries.

About Global FranTech Licensing
Global FranTech a worldwide company consists of core partners surrounded by interlocking networks of consultants and affiliates in key banking countries and Disciplines. They have over thirty-five years of experience with their proven partners. In addition, FranTech has proven track records in assembling, negotiating and consummating trade, licensing, franchising, technological transfer and financial agreements; They pool strengths drawn from experience in international banking, securities, and trade policy, insurance, law, marketing, investment banking and technology research.

This broad expertise, coupled with access to key Governmental and business decision makers, provides services uniquely valuable to WTC 3G LLC. in the restructuring global economy. WTC 3G LLC is pleased to commence a strong working relationship with the Global FranTech Group, FranTech Asia, USA and Switzerland in 220 countries.

FranTech's mission is to foster the development of the global economy by providing a global perspective to bankers, developers, marketers, manufactures, and innovators of newly emerging and preemptive banking technologies.

They offer world-class solutions for the licensing and transfer of USA and Worldwide innovations to emerging economies in 220 countries worldwide for over thirty-five years.

"FRANTECH WTC 3G LLC GLOBAL CENTRAL COMPLEXES" licenses available in select countries.

For information on this FranTech exclusive worldwide technology contact:

Global FranTech at US +1 8056535264 Call

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