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No Big Words Just Facts on Selling Software at ISDEF Autumn 2007


Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2007 -- Avangate BV, full service provider for electronic software distribution and reseller management announces sponsorship of the 7th edition of the Independent Software Developers Forum Conference (ISDEF) taking place in Moscow this autumn, 19-21 October.

Avangate is happy to meet again with the ISV community and comes with a proposition: let’s talk facts about software sales and forget about big words.

Avangate® is a solution made especially for software vendors, it is technology made to sell technology. Software professionals coming to ISDEF 2007 have an opportunity to speak their minds and tell the people behind Avangate what they like, what they need, what they expect in order to sell more and grow.

Cristian Badea, Chief Information Officer and Laurentiu Ghenciu, International Key Account Manager with Avangate, come to ISDEF to answer their questions, mark down all feedback and talk about how to make the most of distribution channels. On Sunday, 21st, 11.30, Laurentiu will give a presentation on a hot subject: "Affiliates versus Resellers - which one to choose?", a brief insight into both online and offline software distribution channels.

"Affiliates and resellers have always been a concern for the software vendors who want to grow their business. It is very important to understand what makes each of them special in order to know how and when to use them," explains Laurentiu.

The purpose of Avangate presentation is to explain the main differences between affiliates and resellers, between their corresponding business models and approach, between the expected results in terms of revenues and brand awareness. After the presentation, a software vendor should know where to focus more efforts in order to promote its software and gain more money.

"The Avangate solutions are based on everything we know about software industry and we have come to know a lot in more than 15 years. They are also based on what our clients and all software developers need when they sell their products online or manage classic distribution networks," says Cristian. "This is why we like ISDEF and it is the 4th conference we attend and sponsor. Each edition is a great opportunity for us to get in touch with software developers and their needs," adds Cristian.

Avangate® is proprietary technology designed and continuously upgraded to meet the needs expressed by real software vendors all over the world, including everything from payment processing, full time customer support, antifraud protection, technical assistance for implementation, and account managers who listen and make sure requirements are answered. Completed with web marketing, affiliates network and reseller management system, Avangate is a full service provider for electronic software distribution and reseller management.

ISDEF was formed in late 2002 and the association’s conferences have become one of the high-profile international events. More information about ISDEF can be found at: http://www.isdef.org/en

About Avangate B.V.
Avangate B.V. provides solutions for electronic software distribution and reseller management, assisting software companies worldwide in successfully selling their products online and at the same time efficiently managing a distribution network. The company's offer includes an eCommerce platform incorporating an easy to use and secure online payment system plus software marketing services and additional marketing and sales tools such as an affiliate network, automated cross selling options, software promotion management, real time reporting, 24/7 shopper support, and the myAvangate reseller management program specifically designed for software sales.

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