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Search My Network - New Professional File Search & Management Software for LAN

Search My Network - New Pro LAN searcher & manager - has been released


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2007 -- Control-F Search Technologies has released a new professional product called Search My Network. The program allows a user to look through the entire LAN or a hard drive of a desktop computer for files (documents, media files like mp3 and avi, temporary files, etc.), folders, shares, computers, printers, domains or workgroups. After the search there is a plenty of possibilities to manage found items. It is possible to export them to a variety of file formats (xls, html, txt, etc.), save them as a report, sort, copy, move, delete, search through or open.

Search My Network includes Pro options for advanced users: choose between masks or regular expressions, control your CPU and network bandwidth usage, schedule search at a certain time, search through hidden shares, find files, folders, computers, domains and printers, physically delete found items, and much more.

A 30-day free trial download of Search My Network is available at

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