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Zaber Offers New Motorized Dovetail Slide

Zaber Technologies has added a new model to its T-LLS series of motorized dovetail slides for motion control applications. The new addition is Zaber’s longest travel dovetail slide to date with a positioning range of 915mm.


Richmond, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2007 -- Zaber Technologies ( is proud to announce the release of the T-LLS915, a 915mm travel version of its popular T-LLS series of computer controlled motorized dovetail slides. The new model is Zaber’s longest travel motorized dovetail slide. The T-LLS series now includes linear slides with travels from 105mm up to 915mm. Zaber’s standard motorized dovetail slides offer 0.16 um resolution at speeds up to 6mm/s. Custom leadscrew configurations are possible achieving higher speeds at the cost of positioning resolution.

Integrated motors and controllers allow Zaber’s motorized dovetail slides to be daisy chained with other Zaber products and controlled from a single USB or RS232 serial port on any computer. Demo control software for a variety of programming environments is available for free download from the Zaber website.

Motorized dovetail slides can also be controlled manually via a control knob. A computer is not required for manual operation, however, if connected to a computer, dovetail slide position can be tracked and displayed during a manual move.

For more information on the T-LLS and compatible products please visit the link below:

T-LLS Motorized Dovetail Slides

About Zaber:
Zaber Technologies Inc. was founded in 1997 when precision motion control was typically accomplished with DC motors and encoders. In 2000 Zaber introduced the first daisy-chainable miniature linear actuator based on stepper motor technology with integrated RS232 communications and control electronics in one small package. Since then Zaber has added over 120 products to its family of precision motion control and laboratory automation devices including linear actuators, linear slides, motorized x-y-z stages, rotation stages, motorized mirror mounts, and micro-stepping motor controllers. More information on Zaber is available at