Wizards For Word

New Creative Writing Software Helps Writers and Authors Format Their Manuscripts for Submission


Surfside, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2007 -- It's tedious. It's time-consuming. And it can give any writer or author a headache. Formatting a manuscript properly for submission to a literary agent, publisher or editor is a task most writers and authors dread doing.

Luckily, writers and authors can now use a manuscript formatting software called WIZARDS FOR WORD (available at www.WizardsForWord.com), a MS-Word® plug-in that helps fix, format and improve their story manuscript or book manuscript.

Wizards For Word is a complete software suite of "writing wizards," specific modules that automate or assist in the most tedious and time-consuming tasks of writing, editing and manuscript formatting.

Wizards For Word formats and repairs all types of manuscripts; this includes fiction and non-fiction novels and short stories; articles and op-eds; nonfiction proposals; theses, term papers and dissertations; and query letters and synopses.

To clean up messy manuscripts, Wizards For Word can search for chapter headings and reformat them, search for blank lines that trail to the next page and delete them, insert a new slug line, new title page, and reformat the text to comply with Chicago Manual of Style and Writer's Market Guidelines.

For writers with a pair of lazy eyes on grammar, Wizards For Word will highlight and fix grammatical style errors; this includes checking a manuscript for weak modifiers, clichés, misused words, wordy phrases, extra spaces, and more.

Writers who are pressed for time and on deadline can use Wizards For Word to create and format front and back matter pages on the fly, such as a title page; table of contents; sample chapters; epigraphs; block quotations; scene change; bibliography; chapter heading; and everything else.

Wizards For Word also includes features to outline a story; develop characters; format a query letter and book proposal; outline a story plot; and format a paper in popular styles, such as APA Style, Chicago Style, MLA Style, and Writer's Market Style.

"Many writers and non-writers have been waiting a long time for a useful utility like Wizards For Word," said creative writer Brian Scott. "You can now focus more on writing and creating your story and not have to spend hours tweaking and repairing your manuscript to print it out correctly."

Wizards For Word offers free demonstrations of all its features at www.WizardsForWord.com, which shows writers and authors how Wizards For Word can greatly improve the structure and appearance of their manuscripts.

"All editors, publishers and literary agents want properly formatted manuscripts," said Mr. Scott. "A properly formatted manuscript immediately makes you, the writer, appear professional in the eyes of those who are going to critique your work."

Wizards For Word is available for Windows® on CD-ROM or as a download at http://www.WizardsForWord.com.