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Get More from Glass, Metal and Wood Cutting With Optimalon’s Product


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2007 -- Optimalon Software provides the 2D cutting optimization library that reduces material waste and operating time for glass, metal, wood and other industries that cut flat materials. The library can be integrated into CAM/CAD software or embedded directly to the cutting machines.

Mr. Smirnov, Marketing Director of the innovative software development firm, Optimalon Software, today announced the release of the company's newest version of its successful 2D rectangular cutting optimization library known as GNCutter32. The innovation brings a fast, reliable and simple way for reducing material waste that occurs during the cutting operations in woodworking, glass or metal industries. The library can be integrated into CAM/CAD software or embedded directly into cutting machines.

GNCutter32 reduces production costs for many industrial applications linked to wood, veneer, plywood, glass or metal cutting, plus the state-of-the-art cutting optimization algorithm calculates several hundred parts in less than a second. With the GNCutter32, the problem of how much material is required, how to cut all pieces and how to use as little material as possible is totally solved. Not only does the GNCutter32 generate the cutting layout using the product design, but it also performs the optimization using several criteria such as minimal waste, simpler layout and reusability of the resting pieces. In addition, the library also provides unique functionality, which includes minimization of different layouts. This approach dramatically reduces the operating time for woodworking industry.

Quoting Mr. Smirnov: "The ability and function of the GNCutter32 reduces material waste, minimizes disruptions and maximizes efficiency. The potential of this software tool is vast, as it has proven to be the ideal solution for many production companies."

GNCutter32 is available on a try-before-buy basis and can be downloaded for free and tested for a 30-day trial period. To learn more about the GNCutter32, visit http://www.optimalon.com/cutting_optimization_library.htm

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