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Announcing Automation Anywhere Enterprise 4.0 - The Business and IT Process Automation Software


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2007 -- New Version includes Visualize Technology, Excel integration, Workflow Designer, remote deployment among other enhancements.

Tethys Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of business and IT Process automation software, today released Automation Anywhere version 4.0.

The new version continues to make great strides in intelligent automation. Enhancing their SMART Automation Technology™, new features further improve reliability in recording as well as integration with other applications.

Version 4.0 offers a ‘Workflow Designer’, ‘Visualize Technology’ to better manage tasks, system log capability and a more powerful remote deployment option. Furthermore, it introduces over 50 new features like Excel integration capability that allows seamless working with spreadsheets, more web automation actions, etc.

The ‘Workflow Designer’ helps create an intuitive graphical representation of business and IT processes. Using intuitive drag-n-drop tools, users can easily create logical workflows without any programming.

The new ‘Visualize Technology’ features pictorial views of tasks in a storyboard view. The pictorial view of respective actions makes it easier to understand, edit and manage tasks. The technology also allows for on-demand image capture.

The version 4.0 also introduces a 'System Logs' capability. Any changes made to an automated task, errors, deployment events, workflow creations or any other actions can be viewed in the System Log. This helps track changes in an automation system, predict problem areas and in the event of an error, to identify and diagnose the source of that problem.

With the new version, Automation Anywhere also takes its popular ‘Remote Deployment’ feature to the next level. It now offers single click remote deployment and remote task administration without having to install the product on the remote PC.

Automation Anywhere 4.0 is also available in Standard and Premier versions. The standard version allows intelligent automation without programming, the Premier version allows ‘Task-to-Exe’ that allows portability to these custom automations.

Automation Anywhere 4.0 Enterprise costs $2495.95 for a single user license. Standard and Premier licenses cost $ 295.95 and $595.95 respectively. Multi-user discounts are available. All three versions can now be purchased through their website www.automationanywhere.com

System requirements:
Automation Anywhere 4.0 runs under Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 or NT4. You can download a free trial version from http://www.tethyssolutions.com/automation-software.htm

More information about the Enterprise version can be found at http://www.tethyssolutions.com/automation-software-enterprise.htm

Evaluation Copy Available on Request

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