OreDale.com Launches Secsiest Contact Form Generator

OreDale.com now offers simple, fast and reliable way to create and integrate a contact form onto the customer's website - 40 Secs Contact Form.


Nikolaev, Ukraine -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2007 -- OreDale.com, a privately owned IT company, launches 40SecsContactForm.com - web based website contact form generator and processor service. With the help of 40 Secs Contact Form you will be able to create and install fully operational CAPTCHA-enabled contact form onto your website.

The main objectives while creating 40 Secs Contact Form web service were to make the product:

* easy and convenient to use;
* fast to generate and install (hence the name - 40 Secs Contact Form);
* available to anybody, programming skills not required.

"Having analyzed web programming experience of many years we found out that the most often, and the easiest, but still time consuming task we received from our customers was to code/integrate a contact form. If something is needed so often it should be templatized. And so we did," says Gregory Ansari, CEO of OreDale.com. "But using a templatized solution to charge customers the same money as for the custom coding does not follow the lines of our company's mission and policy. That's why we created 40 Secs Contact Form - to make it possible for anybody to generate and install a fully functional contact form for only £4.99 per year."

"While creating our 40 Secs contact form we had dozens of smart or even brilliant ideas about awesome, beautiful or seemingly useful features. But being ardent disciples of the Zen of simplicity we kept cutting awesome, beautiful or seemingly useful features off our contact form until we had only essential features left which will suit the needs of 99% of our customers," says Ivan Petrichenko, the CTO of the project. "Do we need two separate fields for First Name and Last Name? No, we can make it be one Your Name field. Do we really need Your Name field? No, because well-bred people usually introduce themselves in the body of their message or in the signature. Such was the turn of our mind when developing 40 Secs Contact Form product. "

Though 40 Secs is a marketing exaggeration but as seen from the video tutorial on the website 3 minutes is way enough to create, install and test the 40 Secs Contact Form.

40 Secs Contact Form is a contact form PHP script generator and processor, and at the same time a web service provider based on it. 40 Secs Contact Form is aimed at providing customers with the most convenient and cheap solution for integrating and processing a website contact form. http://www.40secscontactform.com

OreDale is a privately owned enterprise created by two IT experts - Gregory Ansari and Ivan Petrichenko. OreDale successfully operates in the web development niche, creating new projects based on J2EE/J2SE/J2ME/JSP/Servlets, C, C++, Common Lisp, PHP, Python and nearly any other development platform in existence. OreDale is also able to do maintenance of existing projects, including complex scalability problems solving and disaster recovery. http://www.oredale.com