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Teeth Whitening Offers A Rainbow Of Choices

Fast isn’t always better when it comes to teeth whitening products.


Holland, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2007 -- Teeth whitening is used to provide a person with whiter brighter teeth. Stains from tobacco, food, beverage are reasons to use teeth whitening products. Other reasons for the use of teeth whitening systems are age, genetic factors, and some drugs that cause discoloration of teeth.

Teeth whitening falls into two categories: extrinsic – removal of surface discoloration and intrinsic – changing the color of the tooth (sometimes referred to as bleaching).

Most teeth whitening, whether done in the dental chair or at home, require mouth trays to hold the teeth whitening gel. The number of hours at one time that the teeth whitening tray is in the mouth is dependent on whether it is done at home or as teeth whitening in the dental office. Another teeth whitening method done in the dental office uses a light source to activate the chemical teeth whitening gel. This is a faster method for teeth whitening, however, it can cause sensitivity to your teeth. Teeth whitening is not permanent, lasting about one to two years.

Another method for teeth whitening uses the Dental Air Force® system with hydrogen peroxide. This teeth whitening method is a gradual safer process and provides both extrinsic teeth whitening and intrinsic teeth whitening. Because the Dental Air Force® system also replaces tooth brushing and flossing, the teeth whitening aspect is continuously maintained on a daily basis without cumbersome trays or visits to the dental office.

Dr. Piero, a practicing dentist for over twenty years, is the inventor of Dental Air Force®. Call 616-399-8511 or visit Interviews or articles are available on periodontal health related to heart disease, respiratory health, diabetes, strokes, children with low birth weights.