Free Health Drinks Attract Thousands of New Customers to Online Health Food Store

When thousands of customers logged on to for free health drink samples, the operators of this online health food store were quickly overwhelmed.


Mesa, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2007 -- was offering free health drink samples when owners of this new online health food store were overwhelmed with thousands of requests from customers. Being a relatively new Internet store, daily traffic was steady at about twenty-five visitors a day. Suddenly, over 2,000 thirsty visitors logged on to the site in less than 24 hours, and health drink samples quickly ran dry.

Jane Wakefield, one of the owners of, said, "We couldn't believe our eyes as the requests for health drinks poured in faster and faster, from one every five minutes, to two or three per minute". That is when they realized that their little health food store would have to give away thousands of free health drink samples. They were forced to discontinue the promotion or they would soon be forced to shut down their new store.

Operators of the site posted a note on the customer survey page noting their surprise at the thousands of people who requested free health drinks. The note read, "In order for us to satisfy those who have already submitted their mailing information to our health food store we are forced to put the brakes on our promotion for free health drink samples". They encouraged visitors to look around the store, use a special code and receive 20% off any purchase of low carb, high fiber foods, aromatherapy essential oil or other products. They also offered free health podcasts and articles on nutrition.

Obviously, this is powerful advertising for a new health food store, but can Wakefield and the other store operators afford to send free health drink samples to so many people? The other big question is, how many of those people will ever buy anything from Wakefield answers this question by saying, "It is encouraging that many of the responses to our customer survey are from people who obviously have genuine interest in higher quality all natural foods and health drinks than those being sold in retail stores or advertised on television". Whether or not there will be enough buyers to keep the store in business remains to be seen. For now, though, continues to offer all natural, low carb, high fiber foods and health drinks not found at the retail level.