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Anti-Spam Made Anti-Complicated

3D Mailbox Light: Anti-Spam Made Simple


Shepherdstown, WV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2007 -- Spam filtering is typically either overly-complicated or overly-simplified. 3D Mailbox Light is a small (3 MB), fast email client with a fully integrated spam filter onboard, one designed for ease of use and effectiveness.

3D Mailbox Light uses SpamBayes, arguably the best spam filter available, and makes configuring it a snap.

With one-click classification and intuitive sliding-scale thresholds, 3D Mailbox Light makes SpamBayes' power accessible to everyone.

3D Mailbox Light also includes email-based IM and chat, email status tracking (see if your email wound up in someone's spam filter, for example), message filters, and a simple-to-use whitelist and blacklist manager.

3D Mailbox Light is available for free at ( A registration option for $29.95 removes a 3D Mailbox on outgoing emails, but otherwise the free version is fully functional.