MSoC Group MsoC Opens Second Balkan Office

The German service provider, MSoC, a certified specialist in multilingual communication, opens new office in Albania.


Hagen, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2007 -- MSoC continues its expansion in Balkan, Hungary, Cyprus and Turkey announcing the opening of the second Balkan office, MSoC Albania.

Beside the Germany Head Office and the office in Greece (Katerini) one more office opens in Elbasan, the second biggest city in Albania.

Starting 17th September, the company Consulting & Translation is operating under the name of MSoC providing high quality translations especially from and to the albanian language and its dialects (Tosk and Gheg).

The new MSoC office is located in the centre - near court - of Elbasan and Sali Belshaku, General Manager of the Albania office, is an experienced translator and interpreter who also worked up until a short while ago in Germany as an interpreter for the police and in court hearings.

'Mr. Belshaku additionally studied Business Management at the Bochum University of Applied Science in Germany, which allowed us to gave him the possibility to cover also the locations Tirana and Durres', said proprietor and general manager Theodoros Vas. Tzimas. MSoC is a certified specialist in technical, medical technical and pharmaceutical translations (ISRRT and IFBLS member) - without the exclusion of legal and financial translations.

The franchise system used by MSoC is based on translators and/or interpreters (and their expert knowledge) with management experience, to ensure the proven and tested quality of MSoC in the future.