Marketing Solutions Hit the Road: Event Management Outsourcing Saves Money, Time.

When marketing solutions demand one or multiple corporate events across the country or around the world, outsourcing to an experienced event management firm can save substantial time and money.


Indianapolis, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2007 -- EventPro Services, Inc., an Indianapolis-based company specializing in event management and mobile business solutions says the proof is in results over time.

As marketing budgets draw tighter while marketing events themselves retain the same or increased importance, many companies are looking to mobile marketing solutions as a way to maximize marketing dollars. One Indianapolis-based company welcomes the challenge, and claims that mobile marketing solutions have become an excellent way for companies to achieve their objectives while saving overall budget dollars.

“Planning a huge event at a trade show, an industry conference, or at multiple locations back-to-back across the country—that’s a lot to ask from marketing teams who are stretched to the limit to begin with,” says EventPro Services, Inc. President Bob Irvin. “Great customer events don’t just happen. They are produced.”

Mobile marketing is a specialty—one that many companies can outsource at less cost than by actually trying to produce the events themselves, adds Irvin. “Integrate corporate events, tradeshows, conferences, and mobile marketing tours. Each area of event marketing requires a specific knowledge base to maximize the marketing spend. Of course, it helps when you have a supplier who has that knowledge…along with the knowledge of how to create effective and integrated mobile solutions.”

EventPro offers build-to-suit start-to-finish construction of mobile marketing vehicles, as well as a significant inventory of existing pre-owned vehicles that can be repurposed for new use. In addition, they are fully capable of handling end-to-end event management for virtually any sized company at any sized show, freeing up corporate representatives for invaluable face time with customers.

Mobile marketing solutions also help to lower shipping costs, and the time and expense of set-up and tear-down at corporate events, sales presentations and trade shows. Irvin points out that outsourcing a mobile solution can create a captive environment that is completely dedicated to the brand, the business, the message.

“It’s really mobile business at its best, because mobile marketing gets your message to where you specifically need it to be—when you need it to be there,” Irvin states. For more information about mobile marketing and mobile business solutions, visit www.eventpro.com.