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Compromise Agreement Help Site Launched by Leading London Solicitors

Craig Sharpe of, a leading London based law firm specialising in employment law has launched a new compromise agreement advice website with in-depth information to help people better understand compromise agreements.


London, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2007 -- The often complex subject of compromise agreements was made a little easier to grasp this week with the launch of a new website designed especially to help normal people, be it employers or employees understand better this particular area of employment law.

Compromise agreements, occasionally referred to as settlement agreements or redundancy agreements were created by the UK government and are legally binding agreements between an employer and an employee to mutually agree to terminate the employment relationship. The purpose of the compromise agreement is to avoid the risk and cost of possible legal proceedings for both parties, by negotiating the amount of ex gratia compensation payable to the former employee, the wording of any reference provided by the employer for the former employee and the details of transferring any company pensions.

Craig Sharpe of Sharpes Solicitors, the man behind the website comments: “Seeing as people spend most of their day (and even lives) at work it is only natural that from time to time relationships can become strained meaning that a compromise agreement is needed so both parties are fairly represented without the need for legal proceedings such as employment tribunal which has subsequent time and monetary expenses. In short compromise agreements are an effective way of resolving a variety of employment disputes.”

On the website more details about compromise agreements are broken down in plain English to help both employees and employers fully comprehend compromise agreements, what they involve, how they can be beneficial and when you would need one.

Please visit for more information or if you feel you may need a friendly UK solicitor to provide compromise agreement advice or help with an employment law matter then please visit or email Craig directly at craig[at]