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ATLHomeForSale.com Launches to Assist Home Buying/Selling Process

ATLHomeForSale.com launches to provide a wealth of information on buying and selling a home in Atlanta and throughout Georgia, a neighborhood and relocation guide, a full search of area real estate, information on maximizing your home's sales price, and investing concepts.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2007 -- Often considered a prime real estate market offering relatively affordable housing coupled with a Southern charm in a big city, Atlanta is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities. Even in today's slumping real estate market and a record number of foreclosures, the metro Atlanta real estate market continues to survive evidenced by new homes and condos popping up everywhere. Given this, buyers and sellers alike are becoming more information savvy and seeking to be better informed in the process. To fill this need, ATLHomeForSale.com launches to provide a wealth of information at your fingertips. Not to mention that the site is spearheaded by Re/Max Marketplace realtor, Fabiola Fleuranvil.

The website is laid out in an easy to navigate and appealing format and provides a comprehensive online resource center for Georgia buyers and sellers. It's easy for buyers to become overwhelmed by the buying and many of today’s problems in the industry are a result of uninformed buyers. Therefore, buyers will appreciate that ATLHomeForSale.com offers an online home buying guide as well as a neighborhood and relocation guide, a mortgage calculator and loan information guide, and helpful tips on credit repair. Buyers can also request to receive a personalized listing of homes available for sale. As an added value, buyers can sign up to receive a 7-part email series of the online home buying seminar. The site also features an easy to use interface and search function of all Georgia properties listed on the Georgia MLS. By the time a buyer navigates through all of the information on the site, they'll feel a lot more confident about making the decision to take control of their financial future by investing in a home.

Likewise, Georgia sellers will find useful tips on preparing their property for the sale and a side-by-side comparison between selling for sale by owner and using the services of a realtor. In today's oversaturated real estate market, perhaps one of the factors making it most difficult to sell is an unrealistic sales price. Consequently, ATLHomeForSale.com offers sellers a personalized comparative market analysis (CMA) to help determine the right list price. Beyond that, investors will appreciate knowing that the site's real estate agent also specializes in investment properties.

ATLHomeForSale.com is everything an educated buyer and seller seeks and more. It is the source for buying, selling, and investing in real estate in Atlanta and throughout the state Georgia. The fact that the site's real estate agent, Fabiola Fleuranvil, carries the name of the highly recognized and favored Re/Max brand is an added benefit.

Visit http://www.ATLHomeForSale.com. Interested in buying, selling, and/or investing in Georgia real estate? Contact Fabiola Fleuranvil at (404) 437-0078, your personal Re/Max Marketplace realtor.

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