Conversations with Mrs Claus podcast show visits World Famous Santa Tim at the University of Santa Claus


Chennai, India and Melbourne, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2007 -- “Conversations with Mrs Claus” Christmas themed podcast show visits one of the most if not the most famous Santa Claus, Santa Tim Connaghan at the University of Santa Claus in the USA. This is a new show now released on ‘Conversations with Mrs Claus’. A podcast show on the channel part of global media network.

On this show Mrs Claus chats with Santa Timothy Connaghan the Chancellor of the International University of Santa Claus, the owner of and the Executive Director of AORBS, a national association of over 370 real bearded Santas! Tim is the reigning Santa in the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade and whose appearances include the “Dr. Phil” TV show, Jay Lenno Show, The Tonight Show, in commercials, media events and has delighted thousands of children, families and corporations with live visits and performances. He’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and on the National Geographic Channel.

Tim Connaghan, aka Kris Kringle has played Santa Claus for almost 40 years. A former charitable fundraiser and producer of major special events raising millions of dollars for major charities. Tim is the official Santa for the Hollywood Christmas Parade and presides over numerous Tree Lighting Ceremonies, including the giant tree atop the famous Capital Records Tower in Hollywood. He’s the author of “Behind the Red Suit - the Business of Santa Claus”, and has presented workshops for hundreds of Santas all across America. Santa Tim is in high demand and listeners are in for a treat as Tim shares insights from his years as Santa Claus.

Bernadette Dimitrov (aka Mrs Claus) brings the spirit of Christmas to every podcast. She and her guests educate and entertain with traditions, contests, news, and interviews.

Mrs Claus reveals this weeks ‘magic secret’ practiced at the North Pole that will show listeners how to transform their life. Christmas is revealed as being not just about one day of the year but about living and projecting the 'spirit' of Christmas every day for a truly fulfilled, happy, joyous and great life from the inside out! This week’s secret reveals the power of words!

In the “Ask Mrs Claus a Question” segment, Gerry from Ireland has his question answered. It’s lots of fun and positively inspiring!

Mrs Claus reveals insights never exposed before and listeners are in for a surprise! Mrs. Claus reveals what really goes on at the North Pole and insights about Santa listeners will love to know! It's a lot of fun! Plus there are give-aways and prizes to be won each week!

Conversations with Mrs Claus podcast show visits fascinating guests and experts from around the world each week who reveal Christmas insights and transformational secrets about how to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled, fun, prosperous and loving life. As Mrs Claus says: “Give Yourself the gift of waking yourself up fully - be all that you can be- be the change, the blessing & inspiration you want to see in the world! You can - the choice is yours!”

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