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November looks good for MMA fans

LogoBee contributes to growth of MMA


Montreal, Quebec, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2007 -- The sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been gaining popularity in leaps and bounds during recent years. Boxing has been the leader in combat sports for a long time; but this new wave of fighters is catching up to the “sweet science” rapidly. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) management, headed by Dana White, has used excellent business skills to bring the sport of MMA to the top of the ratings chart in the US. This November contributes to the growth when MMA Memories.com becomes available to MMA enthusiasts everywhere.

This website run by Larry Goldberg will offer all kinds of MMA goodies such as merchandise, trading cards, memorabilia, blogs and informative articles (memories). Mr. Goldberg is no stranger to the world of combat athletics. He has worked in MMA for years and has been active in both male and female professional boxing. For example, he has been associated with such popular professional athletes as Larry Holmes, Shelby Walker and Ken Shamrock. He was also a reporter in the field of combat sports for the well known Boxing Insider. His keen business experience led to the recognition that LogoBee, Inc. was the top choice of graphic design companies to create a logo design for his new MMA website.

Mr. Goldberg and his associate Mike Farin approached LogoBee about applying their creative talents to MMA Memories.com. The team at LogoBee came up with a logo design that contains a combat-ready athlete and the well known octagon ring used in the UFC. The image of the fighter depicts the fierce aggression and physical elements that are so prominent in MMA. LogoBee has had prior experience working with athletic organizations since they create logos for all types of businesses; it seems like there is no design concept that can stump their creative team. When asked to comment on the logo design work done by LogoBee Mr. Farin said, “You guys are very proficient and make great logos.” LogoBee always delivers top-quality graphic design work; but perhaps the team felt a little more pressure designing for an organization that works with professional fighters.

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