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New website enables self-published authors to sell and market their books for 99¢ per month and receive exclusive publicity tips at no cost during initial, website launch phase


Dearborn, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2007 -- You can now sell your self-published books online at jexbo™,, and receive a free eReport on “The Top 5 Ways to Get Free Publicity for Your Self-Published Book Now!” during the initial website launch phase. jexbo is the first company to offer self-publishers the opportunity to market and sell their books online cost-effectively.

For only 99¢ per month (plus jexbo receives 5% of whatever the author sells), authors can customize a web page on to market their self-published book and deal directly with customers. And for the first group of authors to post their books on the site now, they will receive an exclusive, free eReport including valuable publicity tips to sell more books and build media awareness.

“After realizing there was no service available for self-published authors to sell their books online cost-effectively, or for readers to find unique, self-published books, I decided to create jexbo,” says Jill Exler, jexbo™ Founder. “Hopefully, this site will provide a valuable new service for authors and readers worldwide.” Visit now to take advantage of these author benefits:

- Sell your book!
If you can’t find a publisher for your book or just don’t want to deal with the hassles and management styles of a particular publishing company, don’t worry. jexbo offers a new solution to sell your self-published work quickly, easily and cost-effectively – and you’ll keep about 95% of the profits!

- Save money!
Stop paying large fees to sell your book on “auction sites” where readers can’t find your books. For less than 99¢ per month, you can reach a large audience of targeted buyers.

- Enjoy your own website page!
Instead of paying for a complete new website, now you can enjoy an online presence for 99¢ per month. With jexbo, you’ll receive a website page to sell your book online. And you can customize your page with photos and appropriate copy.

- Reach a large audience at all times!
You are no longer limited to selling to readers through one publishing company’s listings. Now you can reach anyone on the World Wide Web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Maintain control!
Set pricing and market your books when and how you see fit. You can also change your marketing message at any time and talk directly to your customers.

- Experience freedom!
Don’t stress over a long contract – You have nothing to lose! At jexbo, you can list your book for just 99¢ per month and opt-in or out at your convenience.

- Get free marketing!
With your book listing, you’ll have the opportunity to use customized bookmarks to market your book to your targeted audience.

“Thank you for creating this much-needed site,” says Todd Clements, author of “Haunts of Mackinac Ghost Stories, Legends, and Tragic Tales of Mackinac Island.” “I’ll be one of the first to take advantage of all the cost-effective marketing benefits you provide for self-published authors.”

Formed in 2007, jexbo,, is a new business that gives self-published authors the ability to reach their customers online for less than $1.00 per month and sell their books. Readers can quickly and easily find interesting and unique self-published books in various categories. jexbo gives self-published authors the ability to control the sales process, communicate directly with customers and customize a web page for marketing purposes at no additional cost. For additional information, visit or e-mail