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Historic Photos of Paris by Rebecca Schall

Turner Publishing announces its new release, Historic Photos of Paris by Rebecca Schall. This 10 x 10 book narrates the pictorial history of the “City of Lights,” through stunning black-and-white photos and is great for the holiday season.


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2007 -- From its inhabitation before modern civilization to its status as the most visited city on Earth, Paris has been a highly influential driving force in the development of international business, cuisine, culture, and politics. A rich history, a unique urban layout, and a certain joie de vivre make Paris one of the most fashionable and desirable cities in the world.

With fact-filled photo captions and text by Rebecca Schall, Historic Photos of Paris rediscovers the fascinating past of the “City of Light” through nearly 200 rare photographs culled from the Roger-Viollet Agency in Paris and the Library of Congress, showcased with exceptional clarity and beauty.

In scenes of events from wartime parades to political scandals, soldiers to jazz singers, the foundations of the infamous Pigalle red-light district to the construction of the highly debated Eiffel Tower, and much more, Paris shines through the decades in glorious black-and-white photography, displayed in a large format.

“Paris is such an iconic city and, more than many other European cities, has resisted change in many ways,” says Schall. “As with any city, the people who live there can sometimes take their history for granted. Historic Photos of Paris will be a valuable resource in English for those interested in learning a detailed history of Paris, from the mid-nineteenth to the twentieth century, told through photos and detailed text.”

Historic Photos of Paris is part of Turner Publishing’s Historic Photos series. These books, highlighting the history of the great cities, legendary figures, and pivotal events across the globe, have been acclaimed as a staple in the collection of anyone who loves history.

Historic Photos of Paris
By Rebecca Schall
Turner Publishing, $39.95
ISBN 13: 978-1-59652-388-3