Medical Tourism- New Orleans Resident goes to Belgium for Hip Resurfacing through WorldMed Assist

Medical tourism company arranges hip surgery with world expert, at a fraction of U.S. prices


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2007 -- WorldMed Assist (, a growing company in the expanding industry of medical tourism, gave Maurice Moreau of New Orleans a new lease on life by connecting him with a world renowned orthopedic surgeon in Belgium. Moreau was relieved when Dr. Koen de Smet told him he was an ideal candidate for hip resurfacing. “I’m an active guy, so I’d was relieved to hear I could keep most of my own joint rather than have it replaced,” he said.

As the pain in his hip worsened after an incident in 2005, he experienced constant headaches and diminished quality of life. As he began researching options, he discovered hip resurfacing as a viable option to hip replacement.

“As I looked deeper and deeper, I discovered that hip resurfacing is a procedure approved by the FDA only a year ago, so it was impossible to find a doctor in the U.S. with a substantial track record. My research ultimately led me to the concept of going overseas, and that’s when I found WorldMed Assist. I sent them an e-mail, and right away, Wouter Hoeberechts, the CEO, contacted me to get more information. We had several conversations, because I had lots of questions. I was very comfortable with him. He was always open with me, and put a lot of effort into researching and explaining my options. I sent him my x-ray and detailed medical information, which he shared with the overseas medical teams he partners with. Ultimately, he provided two experienced doctors, one in Belgium and one in India.

“My wife and I were more comfortable with going to Belgium. The cost was quoed at less than $20,000, including travel and lodging for both me and my wife. Not only was this about a third of what I was hearing in the U.S., but I could cover the cost with the law suit I won over the incident that caused the dislocation. Beyond the good news about the price, my confidence soared when I heard Dr. Koen de Smet’s track record—he had done over 2100 resurfacings. I figured I was in pretty good hands!”

Moreau and his wife left for Belgium on September 10, and two days later, his surgery was complete. “Everything was flawless. The hospital was incredible—state of the art. I felt like I was in the space shuttle. Everyone spoke three languages, and English was never a problem,” he said. “I knew before I left home that Dr. De Smet was highly skilled, but I was amazed one day to see a U.S. doctor visiting him for training! A fellow patient told me he was the best in the world, and I believe him!”

He was discharged after two days to a recuperation villa near the hospital, a facility that is run by Dr. De Smet. Therapists had him exercising in the swimming pool, taught him how to walk with proper alignment and kept him on a strict regimen of stretches and exercises. He was amazed at the hospitality. “One of my fellow patients was Belgian, and he invited us for an incredible spread at his home one night.”

When he stepped off the plane back in New Orleans, it was with no limp, and no headaches. The only pain he’s experiencing is from the stitches and the tenderness in the surrounding muscles. He’s looking forward to rejuvenating the business he runs as a phone systems installer. “I’d been in too much pain to keep the business at full throttle, which took a big toll on our family’s finances,” he said. “Now I can get back to full swing. And I want Wouter to come to New Orleans for dinner to celebrate!”

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