PixelNovel Announces ComparePSD - The First File Comparison Utility for Adobe Photoshop Files (.psd)


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2007 -- PixelNovel announced today that it has released ComparePSD - the first ever application that compares Adobe Photoshop® files layer-by-layer and helps to spot differences between the files easily.

ComparePSD is a must-have tool for graphic designers and other professionals who need to work with Adobe Photoshop® files(.psd) in their day-to-day work.

Current version of ComparePSD works with MS Windows® operating systems ranging from MS Windows 98 to MS Windows Vista. A version for Mac OS X is planned for a later release.

Key features are:

* ComparePSD compares PSD files layer-by-layer
* ComparePSD handles layers styles (effects), styles attributes and layers visibility flags
* ComparePSD provides a scaled view of the files that helps you to find differences easier
* ComparePSD allows you to select the files in Windows Explorer by right-clicking on them

ComparePSD is the first application in the series of PixelNovel products designed to facilitate the work with multiple versions of a Photoshop file.

In-depth information on the application's functionality and screenshots are available at http://pixelnovel.com/comparepsd

Availability and pricing:
Trial version of ComparePSD is available for download for a free 15 days evaluation from PixelNovel website at http://www.pixelnovel.com

Registered version can be purchased at http://www.pixelnovel.com/comparepsd/buynow

The price for the personal license is 29.95$ and the price for the business license is 49.95$.

About PixelNovel
PixelNovel is a software company specialising in innovative tools for Adobe Photoshop users. Our aim is to bring simplicity and elegance to the day-to-day work for all graphic professionals at a reasonable price. Based in London, UK, PixelNovel employs an efficient team of IT experts having real-life Photoshop experience.

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