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Pain Relief for Arthritis Sufferers

Recent studies show that a special type of honey called 'Manuka Honey' has natural anti-inflammatory properties, providing a viable treatment alternative for Arthritis.


Eastport, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2007 -- Arthritis is a painful disease affecting millions of adults and children, world-wide. Over 100 different disorders can be classified as arthritis. In fact, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are a leading cause of disability. Conventional forms of treatment for arthritis may consists of steroids, painkillers and sometimes a change in diet. However, new research has indicated that a special type of honey called "Manuka Honey" is effective in treating arthritis as a natural form of pain relief from joint and muscle stiffness. These studies have shown that patients experienced a reduction in their pain levels when treated with Manuka Honey.

The reason why Manuka Honey is effective in treating arthritis is because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. In forms of Arthritis that are more tissue than bone related, Manuka Honey can reduce inflammation, providing a natural form of pain relief. Anything that is applied to the skin is absorbed into the body. Manuka Honey has a way of diffusing deep into the skin, getting to the effected area. The result is a natural anti-inflammatory action which combines with the body's defense and support systems, improving circulation and nutrients to the joints while removing waste and preventing infections.

The natural anti-inflammatory agents found in Manuka Honey are glucosamine and hondroitin sulphate, which stimulate the body's manufacturing of cartilage components necessary for joint repair and assist in the reduction of pain and inflammation. Frank Buonanotte, the CEO of Honeymark International, which is a manufacturer of health care products containing Manuka Honey as a healing agent says that their Pain Relief Cream is effective on back, neck and shoulder pain as well as providing relief for pains associated with arthritis and sprains. "Manuka Honey is gaining it's well-deserved recognition within the medical community as a viable alternative to traditional forms of medicine," Says Buonanotte. "Manuka Honey is a natural and organic ingredient that has no known side effects and is highly effective in treating a variety of different health conditions in addition to arthritis."

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