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Homeshoring Company Job Guide Reveals Virtual Work-at-Home Opportunities

The Little White eBook of Homeshoring Jobs Profiles 178 Work-at-Home Virtual Call Center Employers


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2007 -- announced the release of its first eBook in a series of work from home directories, The Little White eBook of Homeshoring Jobs. The 212 page guide profiles 178 businesses that regularly hire work-from-home agents in a variety of capacities, and includes introductory chapters on preparing for the virtual job application process.

Homeshoring, the process of outsourcing call center work to US-based telecommuters, is expected to boom in the next three years, creating over 330,000 home-based call center agents.* 10% of centers expect to hire home-based agents in the near future.**

Home based (i.e. virtual) call center jobs range from highly skilled tech support positions to entry level customer service positions, and pay anywhere from minimum wage to $30.00 an hour. Companies that use homeshoring as a part of their organizational process vary as much as the jobs themselves. Large corporations such as JetBlue and Neilson Media Research often employ home-based workers to fill the a geographic or skills-related void. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms such as West Communications and LiveOps assist large corporate clients in finding workers with the specific backgrounds and skills they need. The value of geographically dispersed, skilled workers is one of the main reasons major businesses have brought their call center jobs back home.

Taking the "Work" out of the "Work-from-Home" Job Hunt

The Little White eBook of Homeshoring Jobs breaks down the specifics of 178 employers that regularly recruit home-based agents. "Rather than just publish a list of URLs or create a database of home-based jobs, we decided to create a complete guide that answers all of the questions that work-from-home job hunters usually have about the job and company they're pursuing," said Melissa Brewer, author and co-founder of, "The Little White eBook breaks these companies down to typical job openings, schedules, training, employee status, and pay rates." Also included in the eBook are links to BBB Reliability Reports, profiles, and chapters on acing the virtual application process.

Because legitimate work-from-home employment is highly competitive, employers often automate the initial application process to weed out ill-matched candidates. "We're taking the work out of the work-from-home job hunt," said Michael Audi, co-founder of, "Rather than simply pointing our readers in the right direction, we're giving them the inside information to help them decide which companies and jobs are the right match for their skills. If the pay isn't enough, or the hour requirements are too stringent, they can pass over that entry and apply somewhere that suits their needs." Links to BBB Reliability Reports and other online resources also help readers verify the legitimacy of work-from-home offerings.

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* According to the research firm IDC

** According to the Gartner Group