SinoApps Brings New Online China RoHS Application Which Has Been Affirmed by China Ministry of Information Industry

Services from provider of online China RoHS application for manufacturers have been affirmed by China Ministry of Information Industry


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/31/2007 -- SinoApps, the first provider of online China RoHS application for manufacturers, today announced its services have been affirmed by China Ministry of Information Industry (China MII) - the regulatory body of China RoHS.

“Not only does SinoApps provide its customers’ China RoHS needs, it also helps companies develop growing business in China.” said Mr. Shaojun Yang , Deputy General Director of Ministry of Information Industry of Shandong Province, China. Details of this endorsement can be found at

All manufactures are facing significant challenges to comply with China RoHS regulation and require help to address the following critical needs:

· Need an easy, rapid and economic way to generate China RoHS Declaration Reports
· Need to have the reports in Simplified Chinese to satisfy China Ministry of Industry Information (MII) regulation
· Need an effective way to collaborate with customers, vendors or suppliers online to share, track, view, update and download RoHS Declaration reports

SinoApps provides the following key online services to address these needs.

· China RoHS Declaration Reports

SinoApps online service generates China RoHS declaration reports automatically based on a product’s substance and material data.

· Reports are prepared to satisfy China MII

SinoApps online will translate the China RoHS Declaration reports from English into simplified Chinese to meet MII regulations.

· Collaboration with customers, vendors or suppliers

SinoApps stores China RoHS Declaration reports online so manufactures can collaborate with customers, vendors or suppliers to view, track, edit and download reports 24x7 from any where.

SinoApps is currently offering free trials in this promotional period. Users may sign up and create trial accounts at

About SinoApps
SinoApps is the first and only company that provides online application to give you the ability to generate China RoHS Compliance online. With SinoApps, you get the best of both worlds: fully compliant China RoHS Declaration reports in Simplified Chinese that are always available online to you, your customers and your suppliers.

SinoApps has pioneered the development of the online technology to enable generating, translating, tracking and storing China RoHS Declaration report over Internet without the hassle of purchasing, installing and maintaining any enterprise software. SinoApps has helped its clients completely eliminate the cost of maintaining any China RoHS compliance software.

SinoApps has offices in both China and the U.S. We work closely with various Chinese government agencies to ensure you comply with the latest and most accurate China RoHS regulations. If you would like more information regarding SinoApps, please contact