AccountingCrossing Welcomes the Arrival of Daily Job Market News


Pasadena, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2007 -- At AccountingCrossing.com, users can not only peruse the thousands of accounting jobs posted on our dynamic job board but also keep up to date on the latest trends and news in both accounting and the job market in general.

With the arrival of the site’s “Daily Job Market News” feature, finding out about the current job market has become worlds easier. Every day, a new brief will be posted and will discuss a hot topic, such as why the housing slump affects job growth, the top 100 companies to work for, or the best cities in which to find jobs. A daily dose of job market news may be all viewers need to guide them towards the right job at the right time.

“The new ‘Daily Job Market News’ articles not only keep readers informed about the ever-changing job market but also help them know where to look and when to look,” said CEO A. Harrison Barnes. “What’s important is that our users are finding the information they need to find the jobs they are passionate about.”

Each day, users will find a new “Daily Job Market News” link on AccountingCrossing.com, and they can read every article, past and present, on EmploymentCrossing.com, the main hub for a growing family of industry-specific job-search sites that was launched on April 9, 2007. This rapidly expanding site focuses exclusively on providing the most extensive range of available jobs from every corner of every employment sector and, as of today, has posted close to 400,000 jobs!

“The mission of EmploymentCrossing is simple: to gather and share with the world all current and active job listings. How have we begun to accomplish this crucial mission? By dividing and conquering. We have targeted more than 25 key industries and set out to master each job market by mining and posting all relevant jobs from employer career webpages, newspapers, job boards, and other online resources. In addition, we do not charge employers to post jobs, a unique approach that encourages ever more job diversity on our sites,” says EmploymentCrossing’s website.

The inspiration behind it all comes from the development and success of LawCrossing (www.lawcrossing.com), which features the largest collection of active legal jobs in the world, including more than 10,000 positions at top law firms, corporations, public interest organizations, and government offices throughout the U.S.

Since its launch in July 2003, LawCrossing has become the world’s largest legal-career-placement website. The website is another brainchild of Barnes, who also founded the hugely successful parent company of the Crossing employment sites, Juriscape, in 2000.

Established in 2000, Juriscape has been helping job seekers find employment for more than seven years. Today, Juriscape has grown into an international, multimillion-dollar affiliation of more than 15 profitable companies and 500 enthusiastic employees.