Virus Infects All Windows Computers Across the Globe

In his novel PeaceMaker, former Microsoft General Manager Dan Ronco describes how an intelligent computer virus could shut down virtually all Windows-like computers, causing massive damage and loss of life across the globe.


Newark, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2007 -- It’s 2012, and a single computer operating system has established a near monopoly across the Internet. Mankind depends upon the Atlas OS to run its power plants, hospitals, communications, transportation and just about everything else. Sound familiar? Hidden within Atlas is PeaceMaker, an intelligent computer virus. When its master activates the virus, it shuts down all the computers, crashing civilization back to a pre-industrial basis.

PeaceMaker, a start-at-a-dead-run science fiction thriller, is set in the near future, where software revolutionaries are pushing artificial intelligence to the brink of terrorism.
The prologue plunges software architect Ray Brown into a life-or-death contest with PeaceMaker, a deadly artificial intelligence that has infected most of the world’s computing devices. Ray's determination to eliminate PeaceMaker leads him into a dangerous conflict with the Domain – a clandestine organization dedicated to a new world order.

A deliberately staged IT catastrophe leaves the world sunk into depression and the US government ineffectual. The secretive and powerful Domain, using organized crime to spread its technology, seeks to take humankind to the next level of evolution through artificial intelligence. The fanatical Army of God battles to stop them. Dan Ronco’s fast-paced techno-thriller depicts a world of violent extremes, where religious terrorists and visionaries of technology fight for supreme power.

Don Ronco, a former Microsoft General Manager, is the Author of PeaceMaker and soon-to-be-released Unholy Domain