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5 College Application Mistakes That Almost Every Student Makes And How to Avoid Them


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/01/2007 -- “As college application season gets into full swing, and with the UC deadlines just two weeks away, most students are making huge mistakes that will kill their chances of getting into the college of their choice…and most of these mistakes are easily avoided,” says Ryan Blomster of College Planning Consultants of Arizona.

“It’s really sad how confused most students are about the process and what they need to be doing right now to dramatically improve their chances of getting into their favorite school,” he continues.

Ryan will keep your audience riveted with the following information:

- The exact ‘right’ number of colleges to apply to….choose too few, and your odds plummet… too many, and your number one choice might hold it against you…and give your slot to someone else!
- Why most essays fail miserably, and how to make sure that yours stands out from the crowd!
- When you turn in your application has a huge impact on whether they select you or not... learn when to submit your application for maximum effect.
- Why applying ‘early decision’ is a trap to be avoided at all costs.
- The insider’s secret to completing each application in less than one hour...every single time.
- Why your English teacher is the worst person to have review your essay…and who should read it before your turn it in…the answer will shock you.
- Getting advice from your high school guidance counselor? Be careful… the recommendations you may be getting may send you straight to community college, and NOT the school of your choice!
- And much, much more.

Ryan Blomster has been a college industry insider for over 7 years, and has worked with over 500 families from start to finish in the college planning process. He has also interviewed admissions officers from top schools throughout the country to learn the truth about how the admissions process really works. He is an instructor of various adult education courses on the subject and the author of "What Your Guidance Councilor isn't telling you". Ryan is always in high demand, so call to book your interview now at 480-588-1966!