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Proud Asia 2008 awaits more suitable date


Bangkok, Thailand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2007 -- Despite the strong show of support from both the government and the private sector, Production Management & Services Co., Ltd. and IMPACT Management Co., Ltd, the organizers of Proud Asia 2008, decided that it is only necessary to postpone the holding of the event on 20-23 March 2008 in consideration of the current unclear political and economic directions in Thailand.

Touted to be a grand international trade exhibition and conference on medical tourism, spa and wellness industries, Proud Asia 2008 has already attracted a good number of international and local exhibitors who have already committed to participate, including the local and international media who have greatly contributed in promoting the event that has led to the initial success in the early stage of its preparation. However, many of them have expressed increasing concerns over some unclear political and economic directions that may pose serious risk on the overall success of the event as several exhibitors have already expressed second thoughts about their participation.

“It is most appropriate to put the event on hold as the situations in Thailand seemed to have taken a toll on the confidence of exhibitors and prospective visitors of this event. It is only unfortunate that we have to do this even though the government and the major players in medical tourism industry have all provided their support in holding Proud Asia 2008 in an effort to promote Thailand as the region’s medical tourism hub. This grand international exhibition was also meant to lead related industries to develop, compete, and do business together while also enhancing the reputation of Asia among other regions in the world,” explained Ms. Natprapa, Managing Director of Production Management & Services Co., Ltd.

She also reiterated that Thailand has edge in terms of having the required expertise in its human resources, the available modern technology here and attractive tourist spots would have been the biggest pull of that would make the country as the business center of industries involved in medical tourism, spa and wellness. However, the country is now facing some political issues, including an upcoming election.

“Holding the event at a later date but at the most proper time would only ensure an overwhelming success of Proud Asia and we know that we will receive the same kind of initial support we have already been given,” added Ms. Natprapa.

A new program with the detailed agenda will be released later.