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InstantStretch v3.0 Software Generates Professional Caliber Individualized Stretching Routines

The InstantStretch Software, from stretch exercise expert Brad Walker, creates fast, easy and personalized stretching routines with just one click.


Robina Town Centre, Queensland, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/13/2007 -- Brad Walker, founder of The Stretching Institute and author of “The Stretching Handbook” and “The Anatomy of Stretching” has made his expertise even more accessible with InstantStretch v3.0. This easy-to-use software allows anyone to create customized stretching routines, in under 60 seconds, for individuals of all fitness levels, no matter what their preferred sport.

InstantStretch helps coaches, trainers, masseurs and physical therapists design and save stretching routines for their clients. In addition, InstantStretch’s four-step process allows anyone to apply Walker’s vast knowledge of human anatomy to a stretching routine without requiring expertise or understanding of muscles or stretching.

Walker wrote “The Stretching Handbook” and created InstantStretch because; as Angela Calder, Performance Consultant at the AIS put it, “The acceptance of the importance of flexibility and stretching for sport is commonplace, but appropriate and accessible information for athletes and coaches to use is not always easy to find.”

With over 130 different stretching exercises to choose from, InstantStretch suggests various stretches to prepare users for the unique demands of over 35 different sports; from running and backpacking to archery and martial arts. For sports that require versatility, like baseball or cricket, InstantStretch allows users to select different routines for batting or throwing. This feature ensures that individuals do the stretches that benefit them the most. And users can also select stretches that focus on one of 20 different muscle groups.

With a simple four-step process, the user simply creates a client profile, selects a fitness level, chooses the type of routine based on a sport or muscle group, and then chooses the number of stretches desired. Each recommended stretch can be previewed and offers users photographs and a brief description. Once a stretch is selected, step-by-step instructions appear with color photographs displaying proper form and position.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of InstantStretch is the ability for a trainer, coach, or physical therapist to quickly create and save stretching routines for an unlimited number of clients or athletes. The email function also allows professionals to provide service to clients who are out of town or cannot come into the office. These professionals simply email their client a stretching routine.

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