Save Time, Money and Effort on Customized Greeting Cards

New Design Online offers high quality personal cards in two days


Livingston, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/13/2007 -- If you want to save time, money and effort on your business and personal cards, go to to use its new Design Online greeting card service. offers these five tips to help you save on the cost and hassle of sending cards:

1. Send a personal greeting or customer thank you without spending a lot of money.

With (PFL), you can quickly and easily send out 100 or more customized greeting cards in minutes. (The high-quality cards start at an affordable $79.00 per 100 cards.)

2. Have fun, and instantly create unique cards that express your personal message.

Whether you send us your message, or we help you create it, PFL’s Design Online enables you to easily create cards that express your personal thoughts and holiday wishes.

3. Add customized photos to make your cards stand out from others quickly and easily.

Download your special pictures, logos and illustrations online, and PFL will add them to your unique card design for you.

4. Finish your holiday cards fast and save time using an all-inclusive resource.

Send PFL your mailing addresses, and we’ll design your customized cards, print them, prepare the envelopes, and send them out within two days!

5. Stop the stress with top-quality customer service, products and efficiency!

Relax knowing that PFL guarantees their work, uses high-quality paper, checks every detail, and offers personalized customer service. Plus, you can get your questions answered by a real human being at PFL’s Montana headquarters during business hours.

“Greeting cards are an affordable and easy way to stay in touch with customers and friends,” says Andrew Field, PFL President and CEO. “Our new Design Online service will help our customers save time and money, reduce stress and send out high-quality cards that will make a lasting impression this holiday season.”

Per the Greeting Card Association,, “U.S. consumers purchase approximately seven billion greeting cards each year generating nearly $7.5 billion in retail sales.” And “although e-mail, text messaging and phone calls are valued by Americans for helping them communicate with family and friends, the majority of Americans say they prefer the old-fashioned, handwritten card or letter to make someone feel truly special.”

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