Pets Still at Risk from Imported Pet Food Ingredients

Rules of the industry do not require pet food manufacturers to inform petsumers with origin of ingredients. Price shopping and the reported lack of US suppliers continue to send pet food manufacturers to Chinese sources regardless of the risk to American pets.


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2007 -- The giant pet food recall of March 2007 proved deadly to thousands of pets nationwide. Yet unknowingly millions of pet owners continue to feed their pets food that contain ingredients imported from China. Nothing has changed. Another pet food bomb could explode at any moment…

A Florida pet lover and pet food expert is determined to disarm the bomb. Susan Thixton has developed a pet food rating website providing subscribers potentially life saving information based on AAFCO definitions. The site also provides information from each manufacturer not provided on pet food labels reporting ingredient country of origin (US only or imports), red flag ingredients (potentially dangerous chemical preservatives, etc.), shelf life (labels provide best by date – shelf life provides age of food or treat), and grade of ingredients (pet grade or human grade). Pet food reviews also provide health enhancing information such as probiotics or proteinated minerals.

Susan Thixton, founder of Petsumer Report™ says “The information I provide petsumers is out there – readily available for anyone to track down. It’s not brain surgery – it’s a matter of calling the manufacturer and asking the right questions. The problem is that most pet owners don’t have the time to do this.” Thixton began studying the industry 15 years ago when her vet told her chemical preservatives in her pet’s food was responsible for the dogs’ cancer and death. “From risky imported wheat glutens to the very same chemical preservatives that killed my dog 15 years ago…pet owners deserve to know what they are buying. With a few clicks of a mouse, it’s all there.”

Petsumer Report™ is available in print or a more economical online version. A yearly online subscription is currently offered for $15.37. Over 300 dog foods, cat foods, and treats are reviewed with 40+ new products added each month.

Susan Thixton is a 25 year veteran of the pet industry. She opened the first all indoor/all suite kennel in the US in 1986, produced an internationally distributed award winning dog training video, and last year published her book Truth About Pet Food. Her website publishes a free monthly newsletter with worldwide subscribers. For more information contact Susan Thixton at (813) 871-5237.