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International Bang for a Midwestern Buck Is Real Value, Says Indianapolis Private Investigator


Indianapolis, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2007 -- When it comes to hiring private investigators for a wide variety of investigative tasks for private, corporate, and legal purposes, maintaining a fair “midwest” price while offering international experience and resources has become a critical point of difference for one Indianapolis-based company.

“Unlike other Indianapolis investigators, our company is international, and not limited to conducting private investigations near home base,” said Tim Wilcox, President of Indianapolis-based International Investigators, Inc. “Our success and longevity is primarily due to providing superior, personalized services at Midwestern pricing standards.”

Formed in 1960 by former FBI agents, Wilcox’s company is a privately-owned, full-service private investigation firm presently staffed by former law enforcement investigators and government agents, as well as extremely experienced investigative specialists covering many varied forensic pursuits.

“Full service means just that—we deliver vast investigative experience for legal, corporate, private and forensic investigations, as well deliver real results with technical surveillance countermeasures that help businesses and individuals protect themselves against fraud and espionage,” added Wilcox.

Being an Indianapolis-based company with national and global reach has its advantages—especially in pricing structures. “By way of example? Our physical surveillance and technical surveillance countermeasures service can cost thousands of dollars more at East or West Coast pricing levels,” Wilcox claims. “More investigative bang for less buck—we know that because we have over four decades of experience.”

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Since 1960, International Investigators, Inc. has assisted companies and individuals with their most sensitive matters. Based in Indianapolis, their staff of professional private investigators conducts research on a global scale for clients worldwide so that informed decisions can be made. A full description of their services and specialties is available at their website (