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New Firefox Add-On Makes Internet Tasks Faster and Easier - Record and Replay Web Browser Macros


Heidelberg, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2007 -- As the Internet continues to grow in popularity, many people are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the repetitive, menial tasks involved in their daily Web activities. Posting feedback on eBay buyers, checking website visitor statistics, and downloading account information are now tedious and time-consuming daily chores. Fortunately, iOpus has announced a new product, iMacros for Firefox, which fully automates these tasks and more.

iMacros for Firefox was designed to automate online activities within the Firefox web browser. With iMacros, users can create macros to automatically check the same sites every day, remember passwords, complete web forms, and upload or download files, among other activities. As the company states in its tagline, "Whatever you do with Firefox, iMacros can automate it."

Internet users have come up with a surprising number of applications for iMacros. Some notable examples include stockbrokers who create macros to extract online stock quotes, shoppers who use them to automatically compare prices at online stores, and website owners who use them to get daily downloads of their page rankings.

Mozilla, the software company behind Firefox, collects and categorizes Firefox add-ons. The iMacros add-on is growing rapidly in popularity and is already among the ten most downloaded extensions in the "Bookmark," "Feeds, News & Blogging," and "Privacy and Security" categories on the Mozilla site.

iMacros for Firefox pioneers a feature known as social scripting. It allows users to share macros and scripts in a way that is similar to how they share bookmarks on the many social bookmarking websites. After creating a new macro, users can make just one click to share it with their friends as a link, either by distributing the link via email and social bookmarking websites or by embedding it in a website or blog for public access.

Users have begun sharing their new macros enthusiastically across the web. In fact, script sharing is now so popular that iOpus has even created a special site for script-sharing on Any iMacros user who has created a script that may be useful to others is invited to tag it as "for:imacros." iOpus staff members then review the submissions and post the best ones for the entire community to enjoy.

The wide variety of user-submitted scripts and the creativity underlying their diverse functions serve as inspiration for iOpus software designers, who strive for constant innovation as they improve the iMacros software product over time.

The iMacros for Firefox software is free for personal and commercial use. Users may opt to upgrade to the business version with guaranteed response times and advanced features. Additional information and the software download link are available online at . Alternatively, the software may be downloaded directly from the official Mozilla site for extensions at .

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