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Mandy and Pandy Announces 10% from Sales Will Be Donated to Gifts of Love

Author Announces Program As A Way To Give Back The Love From His Own Adoption Experience


Atlanta, GA and Ann Arbor, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2007 -- Chris Lin, author of the critically acclaimed book, Mandy and Pandy Say, “Ni Hao Ma?” announces that he will be donating 10% from website and direct sales of the book to the Gifts of Love as a way to support the Anqing, Anhui orphanage in China. Lin, an adoptive parent whose daughter, Mandy, served as the inspiration for the Mandy and Pandy book series, felt a need to support the orphanage community in China. Lin wrote Mandy and Pandy Say, “Ni Hao Ma?” as a way to help parents and children learn Chinese and appreciate the unique Chinese culture. The Gifts of Love through the Great Wall China Adoption works with the government of the People’s Republic of China to find homes for Chinese orphans.

“Words cannot describe the feelings of love that Mandy’s adoption brought to our family,” said Lin. “She is a precious gift from God. And with the success of Mandy and Pandy, I feel compelled to assist in the best way that I can to help the orphanage community in China and in bringing as much happiness to these children as possible. This led me to pledge 10% of sales to help the children.”

“Other families like mine are adopting children from China and embracing them and the Chinese culture and I hope the support from Mandy and Pandy helps bring about more adoptions.” continued Lin. “The joy and love these children bring is priceless.”

The inspiration for Mandy and Pandy Say, “Ni Hao Ma?” came about when Lin took his 3 year old daughter to a Chinese class and had no easy way to teach her Chinese in a fun manner that would hold her interest. Realizing that there had to be a fun yet educational way, he was motivated to develop Mandy and Pandy Say, “Ni Hao Ma?” with illustrator, Ingrid Villalta. The objective of Mandy and Pandy Say, “Ni Hao Ma?” is to provide parents a fun way to interact with their children while teaching them at the same time. Each page has colorful and exquisite pictures that stand out and captivate the reader’s interest. The book has been highlighted this year at BookExpo America and at Toy Fair 2007 and recently won the iParenting Media Outstanding Product Award in the category of Educational Books for Children.

Gifts of Love provides a way for parents to donate gifts to the Chinese orphanages that cared for their children; gifts that improve the orphanages and enhance the lives of the children left behind. International adoption has greatly improved the conditions in the social welfare institutes, or orphanages, for children who have yet to be adopted. Great Wall Adoption is also committed to improving the orphanages and enhancing the lives of the children left behind through Great Wall Gifts of Love.

American families adopt from China more often than families from any other country. Over the past decade, more than 50,000 Chinese orphans have been placed with American families. The Chinese-American community is the largest ethnic group of Asian-American population and constitutes 1.2% of the entire U.S. population. The Chinese-American population numbered approximately 3.4 million during the last census.

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