Crawford Laboratories

A Better Way to Generate Qualified Leads

When contractors ask for better and more qualified leads, it signals the need to overhaul the Telemarketing Department.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2007 -- When contractors demand better leads it is instrumental to begin anew with telemarketing scripts, redefined lead qualifications, and utilizing email for distributing literature for quicker response to the end users needs.

Florock manufactures over 200 different types of flooring systems. They work with the project manager to select the system that is right for them. A new ballpark pricing system was put into place to make sure the end-user had realistic cost expectations. Before any lead goes out, size, type of industry, time frame, budget and best time to reach the end-user are all confirmed.

Tom Lux, Florock Manager said “This eliminates a lot of wasted time for Florock applicators. When they get a project there is specific work to quote as opposed to just a name and a number.”

The Florock Telemarketing Department doesn’t stop at finding the lead. They also help to close. The telemarketer’s have the responsibility of following the project until it is sold or it dies. They follow up on literature, applicator’s meeting, quotes and where the end-user is at making a decision.

All of the telemarketing hard work has been paying off. On average, Florcok produces more than 40 leads a month with goals to increase that number. Florock’s new telemarketing system has delivered over $100,000 in monthly sales to their applicators.

Ron Puszynski of Concare Inc. said “Florock’s telemarketing is head and shoulders above the competition. We have been able to close some significant projects because of their efforts,”

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