Deacom, Inc.

Deacom Supports Manufacturing Industry Standards with MESA


Deacom, Inc. announces today its membership with the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA), a global community of manufacturing companies, solutions providers, and industry professionals that promotes technological innovation and best management practices.

MESA defines industry standards that allow manufacturers to bridge execution excellence with enterprise-level requirements. Deacom, provider of the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System for batch process and building component manufacturers, supports MESA standards through its enterprise-wide controls that provide ease of documentation and material traceability, as required by ISO 9000, 21 CFR Part 11, and the Bioterrorism Act. These controls, such as lot tracking, quality control tests, and expiration date management, are integrated functions of DEACOM so all batches are automatically linked to a particular product revision and all history is indefinitely stored in the DEACOM System.

Deacom will participate as an active MESA member by working with manufacturing businesses to implement industry best practices used to solve critical problems within their corporations.

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About Deacom, Inc.
Headquartered in Wayne, PA, Deacom, Inc. is the producer of DEACOM, a complete accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for building component, process, and mixed-mode manufacturers with difficult-to-handle requirements. The DEACOM System seamlessly links all departments within a manufacturing company, providing a comprehensive view of the entire operation. By making complex issues simple, Deacom helps streamline manufacturing business processes to maximize productivity and profitability.